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2016Assessment of Drone-based Surface Flow ObservationsTauro, Flavia ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Arcangeletti E.
2013Flood mapping in ungauged basins using fully continuous hydrologic-hydraulic modellingGrimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Arcangeletti E.; Nardi F.
2014Mathematical modeling and GIS applications for greenhouse energy planning in ItalyMarucci, Alvaro ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Arcangeletti E.; Cappuccini A.
2015The Integrated System of Phytodepuration of Sile river Natural ParkPetroselli, Andrea ; Giannotti M.; Arcangeletti E.; Palomba F.; Marras T.
2020UAV-DEMs for small-scale flood hazard mappingAnnis A.; Nardi F.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Apollonio Ciro; Arcangeletti E.; Tauro, Flavia ; Belli C.; Bianconi R.; Grimaldi, Salvatore