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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The St. Eustache and the Meryemana churches in Greme. Two case studies of documentation about rupestrian heritage in Cappadocia, technical approach from the digital survey to the restoration hypothesisAndaloro, M.; Crescenzi, C.; Pogliani, Paola ; Verdiani, G.
2011STUDY ON BIODETERIOGENOUS AGENTS IN THE HOLY SAVIOURS CAVE (VALLERANO, ITALY)Gagliardi, M.; Isola, D.; Selbmann, L.; Andaloro, M.; Pogliani, P.; Onofri, Silvano ; Zucconi, L.
2019Wall Painting Restoration And Conservation In The New Church Of Tokalı In Goreme’s Open Air MuseumAndaloro, M.; Gulyaz, M. E.; Pogliani, Paola ; Temur, H.