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2010Cloning SLG and SRK genes as candidate for self-incompatibility in olive (Olea europaea L.)Collani, S.; Barcaccia, G.; Moretto, F.; Galla, G.; Alagna, F.; Baldoni, L.; Muleo, Rosario ; Colao, M. C.; Caceres, M. E.; Ramina, A.
2010COMPARATIVE 454 PYROSEQUENCING OF TRANSCRIPTS FROM THREE OLIVE GENOTYPES DURING FLOWER DEVELOPMENTFacella, P.; Rugini, E.; Perrotta, G.; Muleo, Rosario ; Alagna, F.; Colao Mc; Lopez, L.; Carbone, F.; Galla, G.; Collani, S.; Barcaccia, G.; Baldoni, L.
2010Computational Annotation of Large Amount of Transcripts in Olive Flower and Expression Pattern of Genes Involved in Energy MetabolismColao, M. C.; Galla, G.; Barcaccia, G.; Baldoni, L.; Alagna, F.; Rugini, E.; Muleo, Rosario 
2010Identification of differentially expressed genes in Olea europaea L. by suppressive subtractive hybridization and transcript analysisColao, M. C.; Galla, G.; Barcaccia, G.; Baldoni, L.; Alagna, F.; Rugini, E.; Muleo, Rosario 
2010RECENT MOLECULAR FINDINGS LEAD TO A NEW HYPOTHESIS ON THE SELF-INCOMPATIBILITY SYSTEM IN OLIVECollani, S.; Galla, G.; Alagna, F.; Caceres Me; Baldoni, L.; Muleo, Rosario ; Colao Mc; Perrotta, G.; Barcaccia, G.
2012Self-Incompatibility in OliveCollani, S.; Galla, G.; Ramina, A.; Alagna, F.; Cceres Em; Barcaccia, G.; Baldoni, L.; Perrotta, G.; Muleo, Rosario 
2016Transcript Analysis and Regulative Events during Flower Development in Olive (Olea europaea L.)Alagna, F.; Cultrera, N.; Rossi, M.; Barcaccia, G.; Baldoni, L.; Muleo, Rosario ; Perrotta, G.; Cirilli, M.; Galla, G.; Carbone, F.; Daddiego, L.; Facella, P.; Lopez, L.; Colao, C.; Mariotti, R.
2009Transcriptomic analysis and computational annotation of genes involved in olive flower developmentColao, M. C.; Galla, G.; Rugini, E.; Muleo, Rosario ; Barcaccia, G.; Baldoni, L.; Alagna, F.