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2022Determining recharge distribution in fractured carbonate aquifers in central Italy using environmental isotopes: snowpack cover as an indicator for future availability of groundwater resourcesPetitta, Marco; Banzato, Francesca; Lorenzi, Valeria; Matani, Edoardo; Sbarbati, Chiara 
2023Groundwater recharge distribution due to snow cover in shortage conditions (2019–22) on the Gran Sasso carbonate aquifer (Central Italy)Lorenzi, Valeria; Barberio, Marino Domenico; Sbarbati, Chiara ; Petitta, Marco
2023Practical Approach for Defining the Sustainable Yield of Wells in Low-Permeability Fractured RocksPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Sbarbati, Chiara ; Dinagde, Tolosa Dabi; Lotti, Francesca
2022Recharge assessment of the Gran Sasso aquifer (Central Italy): Time-variable infiltration and influence of snow cover extensionLorenzi, Valeria; Sbarbati, Chiara ; Banzato, Francesca; Lacchini, Alessandro; Petitta, Marco
2023Structural Classification, Discharge Statistics, and Recession Analysis from the Springs of the Gran Sasso (Italy) Carbonate Aquifer; Comparison with Selected Analogues WorldwideMedici, Giacomo; Lorenzi, Valeria; Sbarbati, Chiara ; Manetta, Mauro; Petitta, Marco
2022Sustainability Indicators of Groundwater Withdrawal in a Heavily Stressed System: The Case of the Acque Albule Basin (Rome, Italy)Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Sbarbati, Chiara ; Lotti, Francesca; Lana, Luigi; Petitta, Marco
2022The Role of Hydrogeological Monitoring in a Multidisciplinary Context for the Preservation of the Critical Zone in the Natural Reserve of Castelporziano EstateSbarbati, Chiara ; Lacchini, Alessandro; Petitta, Marco