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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Freelancers 4.0: the impacts of freelancers on the adoption of Industry 4.0 under a socio-technical perspectiveMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Sulbout, Jerome
2020Industry 4.0 Technologies in Flexible Manufacturing for Sustainable Organizational Value: Reflections from a Multiple Case Study of Italian ManufacturersMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2020IS in the Cloud and Organizational Benefits: An Exploratory StudyMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021Managing industry 4.0 automation for fair ethical business development: A single case studyMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021Managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Competence Framework for Smart FactoryMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2020Organizational Impacts on Sustainability of Industry 4.0: A Systematic Literature Review from Empirical Case StudiesMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021Outcomes of smart tourism applications on-site for a sustainable tourism: evidence from empirical studiesEscobar, Stefania Denise; Margherita, Emanuele Gabriel 
2021Socio-technical perspectives in the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Analysing the three main visions: Industry 4.0, the socially sustainable factory of Operator 4.0 and Industry 5.0Margherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2023La sostenibilità organizzativa nell’era dell’industria 4.0. Una prospettiva socio-tecnicaMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel 
2022The Impact of Industry 4.0 Technologies and the Soft Side of TQM on Organisational Performance: A Multiple Case Study Analysis on Manufacturing OrganisationsMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021The Role of Human Resource Practices for the Development of Operator 4.0 in Industry 4.0 Organisations: A Literature Review and a Research AgendaMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Bua, Ilenia
2022The role of People and Digitalization as an Enabler of Resource Efficiency in ManufacturingAbubakar, Awwal Sanusi; Evans, Steve; Margherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Xiaoxia, Chen