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Data pubblicazioneTitoloAutore/i
2021A sociotechnical perspective of the Operator 4.0 factory: A literature review and future directionsMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel 
2021Achieving Sustainable Outcomes Through Citizen Science: Recommendations for an Effective Citizen ParticipationMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel 
2024Assessing barriers to smart tourism cities from a TALC perspective: a best-worst methodEscobar, Stefania Denise; Margherita, Emanuele Gabriel 
2023Building human-centric organisations with Industry 4.0 technologies in the Industry 5.0 era. A micro and meso level perspectiveMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Zabudkina, Anastassiya
2022Consequences in the Workplace After Industry 4.0 Adoption: A Multiple Case Study of Italian Manufacturing OrganisationsMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2024Critical Success Factors in Implementing Sustainable Business Models: The ITAL CaseAfeltra, Giovanna; Alerasoul, Sayed Alireza; Margherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Minelli, Eliana; Urbinati, Andrea
2021Examining the development of a digital ecosystem in an Industry 4.0 context: a sociotechnical perspectiveMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021Exploring Organizational Strategies for Development of Digital Skills: A Case StudyPrezioso, Gianluca; Margherita, Emanuele Gabriel 
2019Exploring organizational sustainability of Industry 4.0 under the triple bottom line: The case of a manufacturing companyBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Margherita, Emanuele Gabriel 
2021Exploring Sustainable Value Creation of Industry 4.0 Technologies Within the Socio-technical Perspective: A Meta-reviewMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2024Exploring tensions of Industry 4.0 adoption in Lean production systems from a dialectical perspectiveMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2023Exploring the potential impact of smart urban technologies on urban sustainability using structural topic modelling: Evidence from BelgiumMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Escobar, Stefania Denise; Esposito, Giovanni; Crutzen, Nathalie
2020Exploring the Smart City Adoption Process: Evidence from the Belgian Urban ContextMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Esposito, Giovanni; Escobar, Stefania Denise; Crutzen, Natalie
2020Exploring the socio-technical interplay of Industry 4.0: a single case study of an Italian manufacturing organisationMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021Freelancers 4.0: the impacts of freelancers on the adoption of Industry 4.0 under a socio-technical perspectiveMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Sulbout, Jerome
2020Industry 4.0 Technologies in Flexible Manufacturing for Sustainable Organizational Value: Reflections from a Multiple Case Study of Italian ManufacturersMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2020IS in the Cloud and Organizational Benefits: An Exploratory StudyMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021Managing industry 4.0 automation for fair ethical business development: A single case studyMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2021Managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Competence Framework for Smart FactoryMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2020Organizational Impacts on Sustainability of Industry 4.0: A Systematic Literature Review from Empirical Case StudiesMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria