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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013S100b protects IMR-32 cells against Ab(1-42) induced neurotoxicity via modulation of apoptotic genes expressionClementi Me; Sampaolese, B.; Triggiani, D.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Giardina, B.
2013Synthesis of substituted Thieno[2,3-d]Pyrimidin-4-ones and their testing for evaluation of cytotoxic activity on mammalian cell modelsBorozov Ka; Mamadalieva Nz; Elmuradov Bz; Triggiani, D.; Egamberdieva, D.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Shakhidoyatov Km
2014TESTINGS OF MYRTUS COMMUNIS LEAF EXTRACTS ON BACTERIA AND MAMMALIAN CELLSMastrogiovanni, F.; Bernardini, S.; Gallipoli, L.; Balestra Gm; Pollini, D.; Gallorini, V.; Triggiani, D.; Ovidi, E.; Tiezzi, Antonio 
2017Testings of Myrtus communis leaf extractson mammalian and bacteria cellsMastrogiovanni, F.; Ovidi, E.; Mamadalieva Nz; Tiezzi, Antonio 
2015Vertical ordering sensitivity of solid supported DPPC membrane to alamethicin and the related loss of cell viabilityDomenici, F.; Dellunto, F.; Triggiani, D.; Olmati, C.; Castellano, C.; Bordi, F.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Congiu, A.
2012Yatein isolated from Austrocedrus chilensis (Cupressaceae) tested on murine myeloma cellsDonoso-fierro, C.; Silva, M.; Passarella, D.; Ovidi, E.; Ceccarelli, D.; Triggiani, D.; Mastrogiovanni, F.; Taddei Ar; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Perez, C.; Becerra, J.