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2001The close-coupling-single center-expansion (CC-SCE) model for electron scattering from polyatomic targetsCurik, R.; Gianturco Fa; Sanna, Nico 
2010Compound I in Horseradish Peroxidase EnzymeZazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico ; Tatoli Simone; Aschi Massimiliano; Palma Amedeo
2005Computational evidence for a variable first shell coordination of the cadmium(II) ion in aqueous solutionChillemi, G.; Barone, V.; Dangelo, P.; Mancini, G.; Persson, I.; Sanna, Nico 
2010Computational Study on Compound I Redox-Active Species in Horseradish Peroxydase EnzymeZazza Costantino; Palma Amedeo; Sanna, Nico ; Tatoli Simone; Aschi Massimiliano
1999Computed elastic cross sections and angular distributions of low-energy electron scattering from gas phase C-60 fullereneGianturco Fa; Lucchese Rr; Sanna, Nico 
2011Conformational analysis and UV/Vis spectroscopic properties of a rotaxane-based molecular machine in acetonitrile dilute solutionMancini Giordano; Zazza Costantino; Aschi Massimiliano; Sanna, Nico 
2002Development and validation of an integrated computational approach for the study of ionic species in solution by means of effective two-body potentials. The case of Zn2+, Ni2+, and Co2+ in aqueous solutionsChillemi, G.; Dangelo, P.; Pavel Nv; Sanna, Nico ; Barone, V.
1998Development of a parallel molecular dynamics code on SIMD computersRoccatano, D.; Bizzarri, R.; Chillemi, G.; Sanna, Nico ; Di Nola, A.
1998Differential cross sections for electron/positron scattering from polyatomic moleculesSanna, Nico ; Gianturco Fa
2011Dispersion energy effects on methane interaction within zeolite straight microporesZazza Costantino; Sanna, Nico ; Rutigliano Maria; Cacciatore Mario; Palma Amedeo
1993Dynamic Decoupling In the Calculations of Transport-coefficients .2. Quantum and Classical Results For Ne-N2 and Ar-N2 MixturesGianturco Fa; Sanna, Nico ; Serna, S.
1991Dynamic Decoupling In the Quantum Calculations of Transport-coefficients .1. Coupled-state Results For He-n2 Gaseous-mixturesGianturco Fa; Serna, S.; Sanna, Nico 
2018Dynamic multiple-scattering treatment of X-ray absorptionChillemi, Giovanni ; Anselmi, M.; Sanna, Nico ; Padrin, C.; Balducci, L.; Cammarata, M.; Pace, E.; Chergui; M.; Benfatto, M.; Massimiliano Anselmi; Nico Sanna; Cristiano Padrin; Lodovico Balducci; Marco Cammarata; Elisabetta Pace; Majed Chergui; Maurizio Benfatto
2000Electron and positron scattering from halogenated methanesCurik, R.; Gianturco Fa; Sanna, Nico 
1997Electron scattering from SO2 moleculesGianturco Fa; Paioletti, P.; Sanna, Nico 
2006Electron-attachment resonances of glycine zwitterions from quantum scattering calculationsBaccarelli, I.; Grandi, A.; Gianturco , F. A.; Lucchese , R. R.; Sanna, Nico 
2007Electron-driven molecular processes induced in biological systems by electromagnetic and other ionizing sourcesBaccarelli, I.; Gianturco , F. A.; Grandi, A.; Lucchese , R. R.; Sanna, Nico 
2001Electron-impact vibrational excitation of polyatomic gasesCascella, M.; Curik, R.; Gianturco Fa; Sanna, Nico 
2008Electronic structure calculations and collision dynamics for the interaction of O atoms with two SiO2 polymorphsZazza, C.; Rutigliano, M.; Cacciatore, M.; Mancini, G.; Pieretti, A.; Sanna, Nico