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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Validation of a 3D Markerless System for Gait Analysis Based on OpenPose and Two RGB WebcamsD'Antonio, Erika; Taborri, Juri ; Mileti, Ilaria; Rossi, Stefano ; Patane, Fabrizio
2017Validation of Ankle Strength Measurements by Means of a Hand-Held Dynamometer in Adult Healthy SubjectsAncillao, A.; Palermo, E.; Rossi, Stefano 
2015Validation of Inter-Subject Training for Hidden Markov Models Applied to Gait Phase Detection in Children with Cerebral PalsyTaborri, J.; Scalona, E.; Palermo, E.; Rossi, Stefano ; Cappa, P.
2017WAKE-Up Exoskeleton to Assist Children With Cerebral Palsy: Design and Preliminary Evaluation in Level WalkingPatane, F.; Rossi, Stefano ; Del Sette, F.; Taborri, J.; Cappa, P.
2014WAKE-up: a Wearable Ankle Knee ExoskeletonRossi, Stefano ; Patane, F.; Del Sette, F.; Cappa, P.
2016A Wearable Setup for Auditory Cued Gait Analysis in Patients with Parkinsons DiseasePacilli, A.; Cappa, P.; Mileti, I.; Germanotta, M.; Di Sipio, E.; Imbimbo, I.; Aprile, I.; Padua, L.; Rossi, Stefano ; Palermo, E.