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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Rainfall observations using a rain gauge of 100 m2Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Rapiti, R.; Cipollari, G.; Ciorba, P. V.; Ciorba Pv
2022Rainfall-runoff modeling: a modification of the EBA4SUB framework for ungauged and highly impervious urban catchmentsPetroselli, Andrea ; Wałęga A.; Młyński D.; Cupak A.; Radecki-Pawlik A.; Hatchaway J.
2021Riparian vegetation as a marker for bankfull and management discharge evaluation: the case study of Rio Torbido river basin (central Italy)Apollonio, Ciro ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Cornelini, Paolo; Manzari, Vito; Preti, Federico; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
2021Separation of surface flow from subsurface flow in catchments using runoff coefficientAfshar Ardekani A.; Sabzevari T.; Torabi Haghighi A.; Petroselli, Andrea 
2021Short term rainfall-runoff modeling using several machine learning methods and a conceptual event-based modelAdnan R.M.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Heddam S.; Guimarães Santos C.A.; Kisi O.
2015A software package for predicting design-flood hydrographs in small and ungauged basinsPiscopia, R.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
2015Stima dell'onda di piena di progetto in piccoli bacini non strumentatiPiscopia, R.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Grimaldi, S.
2021STORAGE (STOchastic RAinfall GEnerator): a user-friendly software for generating long and high-resolution rainfall time seriesDe Luca D.L.; Petroselli, Andrea 
2015Stream flow observationsTauro, F.; Grimaldi, S.; Arcangeletti, E.; Mocio, G.; Olivieri, G.; Orlando, A.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri, M.; Cremonese, S.; Cesca, M.
2012Studio preliminare di un tracciante con particelle fluorescenti per le misure di velocità superficialiGrimaldi, S.; Tauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Mocio, G.; Capocci, I.; Cipollari, G.; Rapiti, R.
2011Studio preliminare di un tracciante innovativo con particelle fluorescenti per le misure di velocità su versanteGrimaldi, S.; Tauro, F.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri, M.
2014Sull'utilizzo di un modello idrologico-idraulico continuo per la mappatura del rischio idraulico in bacini non strumentatiNardi, F.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Grimaldi, S.
2014Technical NoteTauro, F.; Olivieri, G.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, S.
2022The benefit of continuous hydrological modelling for drought hazard assessment in small and coastal ungauged basins: a case study in Southern ItalyDe Luca, Davide Luciano; Apollonio, Ciro ; Petroselli, Andrea 
2020The Benefit of Continuous Modelling for Design Hydrograph Estimation in Small and Ungauged BasinsGrimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Piscopia R.; Tauro, Flavia 
2012The flat area issue in DEMs and its consequences on the rainfall-runoff modelingPetroselli, Andrea ; Fernandez Alvarez A.
2015The Integrated System of Phytodepuration of Sile river Natural ParkPetroselli, Andrea ; Giannotti M.; Arcangeletti E.; Palomba F.; Marras T.
2021The Use of Lamination Basins for Mitigation of the Urban Flooding Risk: The Case Study of PeschiciApollonio, Ciro ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Pelorosso, Raffaele; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
2012Time of concentration: a paradox in modern hydrologyGrimaldi, S.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Tauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.
2020A transient Stochastic Rainfall Generator for climate changes analysis at hydrological scales in Central ItalyDe Luca, D. L.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Galasso, L. A.