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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Identification of Novel Proteins Co-Purifying with Cockayne Syndrome Group B (CSB) Reveals Potential Roles for CSB in RNA Metabolism and Chromatin DynamicsNicolai, S.; Balajee As; Proietti-de-santis, L.; Proietti De Santis, Luca ; Balajee, A. S.; Filippi, S.; Caputo, M.; Cipak, L.; Gregan, J.; Ammerer, G.; Frontini, M.; Willems, Daniela ; Prantera, Giorgio 
2012Interaction between the Cockayne syndrome B and p53 proteins: implications for agingFrontini, M.; Proietti De Santis, Luca 
2020The Cockayne syndrome group A and B proteins are part of a ubiquitin-proteasome degradation complex regulating cell divisionPaccosi, Elena; Costanzo, Federico; Costantino, Michele; Balzerano, Alessio; Monteonofrio, Laura; Soddu, Silvia; Prantera, Giorgio ; Brancorsini, Stefano; Egly, Jean-Marc; Proietti De Santis, Luca