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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Effect Of Drought Stress On The Expression Of Metabolic Proteins In Developing Grains Of Durum WheatRivera Ortiz, L. M.; Palermo, C.; Centonze, C.; Lafiandra, D.; Flagella, Z.; Masci, Stefania 
2006Effect of incorporation of two unusual Low Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits in durum and in bread wheat doughs as measured by micro-mixographic analysesFerrante, P.; Gianibelli, M. C.; Larroque, O.; Volpi, C.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania 
2020Effects of genotype, growing season and nitrogen level on gluten protein assembly of durum wheat grown under Mediterranean conditionsGagliardi, Anna; Carucci, Federica; Masci, Stefania ; Flagella, Zina; Gatta, Giuseppe; Giuliani, Marcella Michela
2020Effects of Genotype, Growing Season and Nitrogen Level on Gluten Protein Assembly of Durum Wheat Grown under Mediterranean ConditionsAnna, Gagliardi; Federica, Carucci; Masci, Stefania ; Zina, Flagella; Giuseppe, Gatta; Marcella, Michela Giuliani
1992Electrophoretic and molecular analysis of alpha-gliadins in Aegilops species belonging to the D genome cluster and in their putative progenitorsMasci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Tanzarella Oa; Porceddu, E.
2019Enhancing grain size in durum wheat using RNAi to knock-down GW2 genesFrancesco, Sestili; Salvatore, Foti; Domenico, Lafiandra; Riccardo, Pagliarello; Alessandra, Zega; Rosaria, Saletti; Anna, Pucci; Ermelinda, Botticella; Masci, Stefania ; Silvio, Tundo; Ilaria, Moscetti
2021Enrichment of provitamin A content in durum wheat grain by suppressing the beta-carotene hydroxylase 1 with a TILLING approachGarcia Molina Maria Dolores; Botticella Ermelinda; Beleggia Romina; Palombieri Samuela; De Vita Pasquale; Masci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, Domenico ; Sestili, Francesco 
2021Enrichment of provitamin A content in durum wheat grain by suppressing β-carotene hydroxylase 1 genes with a TILLING approachGarcia Molina, Maria Dolores; Botticella, Ermelinda; Beleggia, Romina; Palombieri, Samuela; De Vita, Pasquale; Masci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, Domenico ; Sestili, Francesco 
1999Evidence for the presence of only one cysteine residue in the D-type Low-Molecular-Weight subunits of wheat gluteninMasci, Stefania ; Egorov Ta; Ronchi, C.; Kuzmicky Dd; Kasarda Dd; Lafiandra, D.
1985Evoluzione e cariotipo nel genere Ranunculus LDovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Marchi, P.; Visona, L.
2005Expression of an Extended HMW Subunit in Transgenic Wheat and its Effect on Dough Mixing PropertiesHe, G.; Fido, R.; Shewry, P. R.; Jones, H. D.; Dovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Chen, M.; West, J.; Butow, B.; Anderson, O. D.; Lazzeri, P.
2001Facultative heterochromatization in parahaploid male mealybugsBongiorni, S.; Mazzuoli, M.; Masci, Stefania ; Prantera, G.
2018First production of wild emmer (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides) transgenic plantsJanni, M.; Bozzini, T.; Di Giovanni, M.; Moscetti, I.; Lupi, I.; Gennaro, A.; Volpi, C.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.
2005FISH-based physical mapping of a low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit transgene insertion in a transformed bread wheat genotype over-expressing the transgene-encoded proteinsCarozza, R.; Scossa, F.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Ceoloni, C.
1999The formation of the glutenin polymer in practiceLafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Blumenthal, C.; Wrigley, C. W.
2005Functional characterization of two rare LMW-GS in determining visco-elastic properties of wheat doughFerrante, P.; Gianibelli, C.; Larroque, O.; Volpi, C.; Mattei, B.; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania 
2005Genetic Polymorphism of Gluten Proteins and its Utilization for Wheat Quality ImprovementLafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Colaprico, G.; Urbano, M.; Margiotta, B.
2003Genetics of gluten proteinsLafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania 
2000The genetics of wheat gluten proteinsLafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Margiotta, B.
2001Gluten proteins, encoding genes, approaches for their manipulation in durum wheatLafiandra, D.; Masci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Mattei, C.; Monari Am; Patacchini, C.; Margiotta, B.