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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Observation on internal wave propagation during Land breeze event in Northern Tyrrhenian coastMartellucci, R.; Pierattini, A.; Paladini De Mendoza; Melchiorri, C.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco 
2012OceanographyMarcelli, Marco 
2017On the presence of coastal upwelling along the northeastern Tyrrhenian coastMartellucci, R.; Melchiorri, C.; Costanzo, L.; Marcelli, Marco 
2019OpenMODs project: advancing toward the widespread application of low-cost technologies in coastal ocean observingMarcelli, Marco ; Rick, J.; Sarker, S.; Sohou, Z.; Zennaro, M.; Whiltshire, K.; Crise, A.; Addo, S.; Boudaya, L.; Brunetti, F.; Coleman, R.; Gerin, R.; Nubi, O. A.; Piermattei, V.; Pietrosemoli, E.
2015Operative monitoring and mapping of the seagrass and Posidonia oceanica coastal ecosystems by means of the Landsat 8 oli satellite remote sensing systemBorfecchia, F.; Micheli, C.; Belmonte, A.; De Cecco, L.; Martini, S.; Cognetti De Martiis, S.; Gnisci, V.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco 
2020Pasculli, L.,Pasculli, L.; Piermattei, V.; Madonia, A.; Bruzzone, G.; Caccia, M.; Ferretti, R.; Odetti, A.; Marcelli, Marco 
2020Phyto-VFP: a new bio-optical model of pelagic primary production based on variable fluorescence measuresSimone, Bonamano; Alice, Madonia; Viviana, Piermattei; Chiara, Stefanì; Luigi lazzara, Ilaria Nardello; Franco, Decembrini; Marcelli, Marco 
2015PHYTOVFPStefanì, C.; Bonamano, S.; Melchiorri, C.; Piermattei, V.; Fani, F.; Lazzara, L.; Decembrini, F.; Marcelli, Marco 
2018Preliminary evaluation of antifouling properties of high temperature ceramic glaze coatings in marine environmentScanu, S.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco ; Vallesi, M.; Martellucci, R.; Piazzolla, D.; Costanzo, L.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Mancini, E.; Madonia, A.; Bonamano, S.
2016Preliminary experiments to estimate the PE.MA.M (PElagic Marine Mesocosm) offshore behaviourAlbani, A.; Piermattei, V.; Stefanì, C.; Marcelli, Marco 
2020Preliminary Investigation of Microlitter Pollution in Low-Energy Hydrodynamic Basins Using Sabella spallanzanii (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) TubesPiazzolla, D.; Cafaro, V.; Mancini, M.; Scanu, S.; Bonamano, S.; Marcelli, Marco 
2013Provision of preparatory guidelines for the proper siting of mariculture fishfarms along the italian coastsScanu, S.; Piermattei, V.; Bonamano, S.; Madonia, A.; Marcelli, Marco 
2019Pulse Amplitude Modulated (PAM) fluorometry to study Posidoniaoceanica (L.) Delile (1813) photosynthetic dynamicsGiulia, Caporale; Alice, Madonia; Marina, Penna; Marcelli, Marco 
2017Remote sensing validation through SOOP technologyPiermattei, V.; Lucarini, D.; Pacci, G.; Amitrano, L.; Iacullo, S.; D'andrea, S.; Marcelli, Marco ; Madonia, A.; Bonamano, S.; Consalvi, N.; Caligiore, A.; Falcone, D.; Puri, P.; Sarti, F.; Spaccavento, G.
2012Results of instrumental and operative implementation of T-FlapMarcelli, Marco ; Madonia, A.; Piermattei, V.; Mainardi, U.
2016The role of the contribution of the whole sea energy on pollution distribution and biocenosis qualityBonamano, S.; Stefanì, C.; Pierattini, A.; Scanu, S.; Marcelli, Marco ; Piermattei, V.; Piazzolla, D.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Manfredi Frattarelli, F.; Mancini, E.; Cognetti De Martiis, S.; Madonia, A.; Martellucci, R.
2010Sea-Use Map Of LazioMarcelli, Marco ; Piermattei, V.; Frattarelli, F. M.; Pannocchi, A.; Bonamano, S.
2018Sediment dynamics and resuspension processes in a shallow-water Posidonia oceanica meadowPaladini De Mendoza, F.; Fontolan, G.; Mancini, E.; Scanu, E.; Scanu, S.; Bonamano, S.; Marcelli, Marco 
2015Sedimentological and geochronological evidences of anthropogenic impacts on river basins in the Northern Latium coastal area (Italy)Piazzolla, D.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Scanu, S.; Marcelli, Marco 
2021Separation of Incident and Reflected Waves by Means of a Wave Radar SystemSerafino, Francesco; Bonamano, Simone; de Mendoza, Francesco Paladini; Marcelli, Marco