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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Advances in low cost marine technologiesMarcelli, Marco ; Zappal, G.; Piermattei, V.
2021Air pollution assessment using a cost-effective device: the case study of the northern Latium coastal areaPiazzolla, Daniele; Della Ventura, Giancarlo; Terribili, Andrea; Conte, Alessandra; Scanu, Sergio; Bonamano, Simone; Marcelli, Marco ; Lucci, Federico; La Bella, Cecilia; Venettacci, Carlo
2015Anthropogenic impact on river basinsScanu, S.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Piazzolla, D.; Marcelli, Marco 
2012Aperture Plasmonic Nano-antennas in Solar Energy HarvestingRamaccia, D.; Scanu, S.; Piermattei, V.; Bilotti, F.; Marcelli, Marco ; Toscano, A.
2017Application of a low cost instrumentation in Arctic extreme conditionsPiermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco ; Madonia, A.; Bonamano, S.; Martellucci, R.; Bruzzone, G.; Ferretti, R.; Odetti, A.; Azzaro, M.; Zappalà, G.
2014Assessment of environmental conditions in Civitavecchia (Rome, Italy) harbourZappalà, G.; Piermattei, V.; Madonia, A.; Martellucci, R.; Bonamano, S.; Pierattini, A.; Burgio, C.; Marcelli, Marco 
2020Assessment of the ecological structure of Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile on the northern coast of Lazio, Italy (central Tyrrhenian, Mediterranean)Gnisci, V.; Cognetti De Martiis, S.; Belmonte, A.; Micheli, C.; Piermattei, V.; Bonamano, S.; Marcelli, Marco 
2021Assessment of the photosynthetic response of posidonia oceanica (Linneaus) delile, 1813 along a depth gradient in the northern tyrrhenian sea (latium, italy)Madonia, Alice; Caporale, Giulia; Penna, Marina; Bonamano, Simone; Marcelli, Marco 
2014Bacteria from marine salterns as a model of microorganism adapted ti high environmental variationsBarghini, P.; Silvi, S.; Aquilanti, A.; Marcelli, Marco ; Fenice, M.
2018Benthic biocenosis as spatial unit to assess ecosystem servicesFrattarelli Fm; Piazzolla, D.; Mancini, E.; Scanu, S.; Bonamano, S.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco 
2019Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus, Montagu, 1821) and underwater noise pollution: simulate the exposure of three Mediterranean groupsCafaro, V.; Alessi, J.; Bonamano, S.; Piazzolla, D.; Marcelli, Marco 
2014CASI-1500 hyperspectral remote sensing data and in situ measurements within the IOSMOS project activities for coastal water bio-optical properties assessmentPignatti, S.; Liardo, S.; Mancini, M.; Pacci, G.; D'andrea, S.; Iacullo, S.; Madonia, A.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco ; Pergola, N.; Bernini, G.; Palombo, A.; Pascucci, S.; Federico Santini, F.; Lacava, T.; Ciancia, E.; Tramutoli, E.
2020Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter as a Tracer of Fecal Contamination for Bathing Water Quality Monitoring in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea (Latium, Italy)Madonia, A.; Caruso, G.; Piazzolla, D.; Bonamano, S.; Piermattei, V.; Zappalà, G.; Marcelli, Marco 
2018Circulation during Storms and Dynamics of Suspended Matter in a Sheltered Coastal AreaPaladini De Mendoza; Bonamano, F. S.; Martellucci, R.; Melchiorri, C.; Consalvi, N.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco 
2016The Civitavecchia Coastal Environment Monitoring System (C-CEMS)Bonamano, S.; Piermattei, V.; Madonia, A.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Pierattini, A.; Martellucci, R.; Stefanì, C.; Zappalà, G.; Marcelli, Marco 
2014Coastal dynamic along physiographic unit between Capo Linaro and Capo Anzio in Latium coastPaladini De Mendoza, F.; Bonamano, S.; Marcelli, Marco 
2013Coastal monitoringMarcelli, Marco ; Zappalà, G.; Piermattei, V.
2015Coastal morphodynamic impacts induced by main storm phenomena on the Central East Tyrrhenian SeaMarcelli, Marco ; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Bonamano, S.; Scanu, S.; Martellucci, R.
2010Comparison between physical variables acquired by a new multiparametric platform, ELFO, and data calculated by a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model in different weather conditions at Tiber River mouth (Latium coast, Italy)Bonamano, S.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco ; Peviani, M.
2017Computational modeling of immune system of the fish for a more effective vaccination in aquacultureMadonia, Alice; Melchiorri, Cristiano; Bonamano, Simone; Marcelli, Marco ; Bulfon, Chiara; Castiglione, Filippo; Galeotti, Marco; Volpatti, Donatella; Mosca, Francesco; Tiscar, Pietro Giorgio; Romano, Nicla