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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Concentrations of As, Cd, Cr, Ni, and Pb in the echinoid Paracentrotus lividus on the coast of Civitavecchia, northern Tyrrhenian Sea, ItalyScanu, S.; Soetebier, S.; Piazzolla, D.; Tiralongo, F.; Mancini, E.; Romano, Nicla ; Marcelli, Marco 
2017Contribution of Cultural Ecosystem Services to Natural Capital in the coastal area of Civitavecchia (Latium, Italy)Marcelli, Marco ; Madonia, A.; Tofani, A.; Molino, C.; Manfredi Frattarelli, F.
2018Cost-Effective Technologies to Study the Arctic Ocean EnvironmentPiermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco ; Madonia, A.; Bonamano, S.; Martellucci, R.; Bruzzone, G.; Ferretti, R.; Odetti, A.; Azzaro, M.; Zappal, G.
2011Description of the primary production distribution in the Sardinian Sea (Western Mediterranean), between 2001 and 2004Marcelli, Marco ; Piermattei, V.; Bonamano, S.; Perilli, A.
2014Design and Application of New Low-Cost Instruments for Marine Environmental ResearchMarcelli, Marco ; Piermattei, V.; Madonia, A.; Mainardi, U.
2021Design and implementation of an integrated coastal observing system at regional scalePiermattei, Viviana ; Bonamano, Simone ; Coppini, Giovanni; Federico, Ivan; Causio, Salvatore; Parodi, Matteo Ulisse; Fersini, Giorgio; Madonia, Alice; Frattarelli, Francesco Manfredi; Marcelli, Marco ; Piazzolla, Daniele; Scanu, Sergio
2013Detecting dominant Phytoplankton Size Classes (micro-, nano- and pico-phytoplankton) from SeaWiFS data in the Mediterranean SeaDi Cicco, A.; Sammartino, M.; Marullo, S.; Santoleri, R.; Marcelli, Marco 
2022Development and testing a low-cost device for airborne PM monitoring in highly anthropized areas: The international maritime hub of Civitavecchia (Rome, Italy)Lucci, Federico; Ventura, Giancarlo Della; Piazzolla, Daniele; Venettacci, Carlo; Terribili, Andrea; La Bella, Cecilia; Conte, Alessandra; Bonamano, Simone ; Scanu, Sergio; Radica, Francesco; Marcelli, Marco 
2021Development of a new predictive index (Bathing water quality index, bwqi) based on escherichia coli physiological states for bathing waters monitoringBonamano, Simone ; Madonia, Alice; Caruso, Gabriella; Zappalà, Giuseppe; Marcelli, Marco 
2017Development of a Predictive Tool to Support Environmentally Sustainable Management in Port BasinsBonamano, S.; Madonia, A.; Piazzolla, D.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Piermattei, V.; Scanu, S.; Marcelli, Marco 
2019DEVICES FOR ENVIRONMENTAL OBSERVATIONSZappalà, G.; Caruso, G.; Piermattei, V.; Madonia, A.; Bonamano, S.; Petri, A.; Marcelli, Marco 
2013Downscaling Methodology for Coastal Zones Wave Power AssessmentCarli , F. M.; Bonamano, S.; Marcelli, Marco ; Peviani, M.
2016An Early Warning System for the prevention of dredging potential impacts on sensitive areasPiermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco ; Martellucci, R.; Pierattini, A.; Bonamano, S.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Albani, M.; Stefan, C.; Madonia, A.; Fersini, G.
2016An 'Early Warning System' for the prevention of dredging potential impacts on sensitive areasPiermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco ; Martellucci, R.; Pierattini, A.; Bonamano, S.; Paladini De Mendoza, F.; Albani, M.; Stefanì, C.; Madonia, A.; Fersini, G.
2022Economic Evaluation of Posidonia oceanica Ecosystem Services along the Italian CoastScanu, Sergio; Piazzolla, Daniele; Bonamano, Simone ; Penna, Marina; Piermattei, Viviana ; Madonia, Alice; Frattarelli, Francesco Manfredi; Mellini, Simone; Dolce, Tania; Valentini, Riccardo ; Coppini, Giovanni; Fersini, Giorgio; Marcelli, Marco 
2019Ecosystem services assessment:a case study of P.oceanica meadows in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, ItalyMancini, E.; Marcelli, Marco ; Scanu, S.; Frattarelli, Mf
2014Ecosystem services supporting coastal managementMarcelli, Marco ; Carli Fm; Giovacchini, M.; Mancini, E.; Frattarelli Manfredi, F.
2021Ecosystem-based approach towards the sustainable management of coastal engineering: compensation and mitigation measures applied to the Civitavecchia harbourMarcelli, Marco ; Scanu, Sergio; Madonia, Alice; Bonamano, Simone ; Fersini, Giorgio; Piermattei, Viviana 
2018Eects of Anthropogenic Pressure on Posidonia oceanica (L) Delile (1813) EcosystemsMicheli, C.; Borfecchia, F.; De Cecco, L.; Belmonte, A.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco 
2015Effect of dredging activities on the health status of Posidonia oceanica meadows of North lazio coast (Thyrrenian sea)Gnisci, V.; Bonamano, S.; Micheli, C.; Cognetti De Martiis, S.; Piermattei, V.; Marcelli, Marco