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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Technical properties of beech wood from aged coppices in central ItalyLo Monaco, Angela ; Calienno, Luca; Pelosi, Claudia ; Balletti, Federica; Agresti, Giorgia; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2019The 16th century tryptic of Santa Liberata: diagnostics and restorationAvanzati, D; Saccuman, R; Agresti, G. ; Faieta, R; Caliano, E; Pelosi, Claudia ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2019The botanical species in the marquetry decorations in the wooden choir of San Ruffino Cathedral in AssisiMancini, T; Balletti, F; Schirone, A; Pelosi, Claudia ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2017The conservation of wooden historical works of art: technological evaluation, diagnosis and valorisationBalletti, Federica; Pelosi, Claudia ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2019The diagnostic investigation through minimal sampling for religious artworks knowledge: some case studiesPelosi, Claudia ; Balletti, Federica; Agresti, G. ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2023The Effects of Forest Accessibility on the Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Deadwood: A Comparison between Recreational and Natural ForestsKiadaliri, Masoud; Motlagh, Mohadeseh Ghanbari; Sohrabi, Hadi; Latterini, Francesco; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Venanzi, Rachele ; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2018The importance of diagnostic investigation to reveal hidden paintingsLuciani, Giuseppe; Pelosi, Claudia ; Agresti, Giorgia; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2023The Relationship between Stand Structure and Tree Growth Form—Investigating the Effects of Selection Cuttings in Mountainous Mixed Beech ForestsKaramzadeh, Sarkhosh; Nikooy, Mehrdad; Abkenari, Kambiz Taheri; Tavankar, Farzam; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2020The relevance of monitoring the microclimate in museums. The case of Colle del Duomo in ViterboLanteri, Luca ; Pelosi, Claudia ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2019The scientific investigation of the wooden board from the 1802 Book of PsalmsLo Monaco, Angela ; Melniciuc-Puică, N; Ardelean, E; Agresti, G; Pelosi, Claudia 
2015The triptych of the Holy Saviour in the Tivoli Cathedral: diagnosis, conservation and religious requirementsLo Monaco, Angela ; Giagnacovo, Cristina; Falcucci, Claudio; Pelosi, Claudia 
2018The wooden door in the ex-Abbey of Saint Secondo. Identification of the botanical speciesBalletti, Federica; Pelosi, Claudia ; Schirone, Avra; Nedelcheva, Tsvetanka; Regis, Stefano; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2016The wooden door of the Bregno’s aedicule in the church of Santa Maria della Quercia in ViterboBalletti, Federica; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Agresti, Giorgia; Calienno, Luca; Pelosi, Claudia 
2015Timber quality from coppiced woodlands in transitionLo Monaco, Angela ; Calienno, L.; Pelosi, C.; Balletti, F.; Agresti, G.; Picchio, R.
2015The triptych of the Holy Saviour in the Tivoli CathedralLo Monaco, Angela ; Giagnacovo, C.; Falcucci, C.; Pelosi, Claudia 
2014The tryptic of the Holy Saviour in the Tivoli Cathedral:diagnosis, conservation and religious requirementsLo Monaco, Angela ; Giagnacovo, C.; Falcucci, C.; Pelosi, C.
2013The Virgin of the CastleCuozzo, V.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Pelosi, Claudia 
2012Wood anatomy and technological properties of an endangered speciesCaetano Ferreira, R.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Picchio, A.; Schirone, A.; Vessella, F.; Schirone, B.; Ferreira , R. C.; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2018Wood in cultural Heritage. Properties and conservation of historical wooden artefactsLo Monaco, Angela ; Balletti, Federica; Pelosi, Claudia