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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Cinetica di gelificazione di caseinato in presenza di transglutaminasi microbicaMaria Bruno; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi
2013Concentration of trisodium citrate by electrodialysisFidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi; Marcello Fidaleo; Moresi, Mauro 
2014Degradation and antibiotic activity reduction of chloramphenicol in aqueous solution by UV/H2O2 processAntonio Zuorro; Marco Fidaleo; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Roberto Lavecchia
2021Design space of the formulation process of a food suspension by D-optimal mixture experiment and functional data analysisFidaleo, Marcello ; Miele, Nicoletta A.; Armini, Vincenzo; Cavella, Silvana
2022Effect of aging pit on volatile compounds and sensory attributes of traditional Italian Fossa cheeseDe Santis, Diana ; Fidaleo, Marcello 
2003Effect of Alginate Concentration and Agitator on the Volumetric Oxygen Mass Transfer Coefficient in a Bench-Scale Stirred FermenterFidaleo, Marcello ; Moresi Mauro
2017Effect of refining degree on particle size, sensory and rheological characteristics of anhydrous paste for ice creams produced in industrial stirred ball millFidaleo, Marcello ; Miele Nicoletta, A.; Mainardi Stefania; Armini Vincenzo; Nardi Roberto; Cavella Silvana
2006Electrodialysis Applications in the food industryFidaleo, Marcello ; Moresi Mauro
2011Electrodialytic desalting of model concentrated NaCl brines as such or enriched with a non-electrolyte osmotic componentFidaleo, Marcello ; Moresi, Mauro 
2011Engineering and modeling of thin, adhesive, microbial biocatalytic coatings for high intensity oxidations in multi-phase microchannel bioreactorsFidaleo, Marcello ; Michael Flickinger, C.
2009Engineering Nanoporous Bioactive Smart Coatings Containing MicroorganismsFlickinger, M. C.; Schottel, J. L.; Bond, D. R.; Aksan, A.; Scriven, L. E.; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Gosse, J.; Polzin, K.; Charaniya, S.; Solheid, C.; Lyngberg, O. K.; Laudon, M.; Ge, H.
2001Enzymatic extraction of carotenoids from plant material using two immiscible liquid phasesFidaleo, Marcello ; Enrico Marsili; Roberto Lavecchia
2011Enzyme-assisted extraction of lycopene from tomato processing wasteAntonio Zuorro; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Roberto Lavecchia
2020Evolution of particle size distribution, flow behaviour and stability during mill ball refining of a white chocolate flavouring pasteCavella, Silvana; Miele, Nicoletta A.; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Borriello, Angela; Masi, Paolo
2003Experimental procedure to model the recovery of some fermentation products by electrodialysisFidaleo, Marcello 
2016Extraction of Bioactive Polyphenols with High Antioxidant Activity from Bilberry (Vacciniummyrtillus L.) Processing WasteFidaleo, Marcello ; Roberto Lavecchia; Antonio Zuorro
2015Fungal laccases production using tomato-based mediumSpina Federica; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Nanni Annalisa; Romagnolo Alice; Varese Giovanna Cristina
2012Immobilisation/stabilisation of Acid Urease on Eupergit SupportsNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi
2015Immobilization of the recombinant (His)6-tagged L-arabinose isomerase from Thermotoga maritima on epoxy and cupper-chelate epoxy supportsNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello 
2003Impatto dellelettrodialisi sullindustria delle fermentazioni alimentariFidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi