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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Biochemical systematics and biogeographical patterns of the Italian and corsican species of the Protonemura corsicana species group (PlecopteraFochetti, Romolo 
2004Biochemical systematics and biogeography of the Mediterranean genus TyrrhenoleuctraFochetti, Romolo ; Ketmaier, V.; Oliverio, M.; Tierno De Figueroa, J. M.; Sezzi, E.
2010Biodiversit delle acque interne italianeFochetti, Romolo 
2010Biodiversitat de plecpters i efemerpters al Parc Nacional dAigestortes i Estany de Sant MauriciMaria Angels Puig; Valentina Amore; Nicols Ubero-pascal; Fochetti, Romolo 
2006CLONING AND STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF A HAEMOCYANIN FROM THE STONEFLY PERLA GRANDISFochetti, Romolo ; Belardinelli, M.; Guerra, L.; Buonocore, F.; Fausto Caporale, A. M. C.
2011Comparative proteomic analysis of hemocyanins in the stonefliesAmore, V.; Puig Garca, M. A.; Timperio, A. M.; Egidi, G.; Ubero-pascal, N.; Fochetti, Romolo 
2001Comparative spermatology in Plecoptera (Insecta)Fausto, A.; Belardinelli, C.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Mazzini, M.
2002Comparative spermatology in Plecoptera. II. An ultrastructural investigation on four species of SystellognathaFausto , A. M.; Belardinelli, M.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Tierno De Figueroa , J. M.; Mazzini, M.
2012Cuando ya no queda donde vivirPuig Ma; Ubero-pascal, N.; Fochetti, Romolo 
2013Dalle conoscenze di base agli studi applicativiFochetti, Romolo 
2001Description of Protonemura aroania sp. n. and of the Male of Leuctra moreae Zwick, 1978, with a contribution to the knowledge of the stonefly fauna of Greece (Insecta, Plecoptera)Tierno De Figueroa, J.; Fochetti, Romolo 
1992Designation of a Type Species for Brachyptera Newport, 1851 (PlecopteraFochetti, Romolo ; Zwick, P.
2012Diversity patterns and food web structure in a mediterranean intermittent streamLpez-rodrguez, M. J.; Peralta-maraver, I.; Gaetani, B.; Sainz-cantero, C. E.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Tierno De Figueroa, J. M.
2021Diversity, Threats, Decline and Conservation of European Stoneflies (Plecoptera, Insecta)Fochetti, Romolo 
2009DO ALL STONEFLIES NYMPHS HAVE RESPIRATORY PROTEINS?Amore, V.; Belardinelli, M.; Guerra, L.; Buonocore, F.; Fausto, A. M.; Fochetti, Romolo 
2010Effects of global change in aquatic insects of high mountains streams (Pyrenees)Puig, M. A.; Amore, V.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Ubero-pascal, N.
2020Endemism in the Italian stonefly-fauna (Insecta, Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo 
2020Endemism in the Italian stonefly-fauna (Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo 
2020Endemism in the Italian stonefly-fauna (Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo 
2011Estrategias de supervivencia ante el cambio global. Las especies de efemerpteros y plecpteros del Parque Nacional de AigestortesPuig Garca, M. A.; Ubero-pascal, N.; Amore, V.; Fochetti, Romolo