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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analytical SERS: general discussionHannah Aitchison; Volker Deckert; Delfino, Ines ; Giuliana Di Martino; Olga Eremina; Karen Faulds; Augustus Fountain; Sylwester Gawinkowski; Mayte Gomez Castano; Roy Goodacre; Jennifer Gracie; Javier Aizpurua; Duncan Graham; Jason Guicheteau; Laurence Hardwick; Mike Hardy; Christian Heck; Lauren Jamieson; Marlous Kamp; Alex Keeler; Christian Kuttner; Judith Langer; Heike Arnolds; Sumeet Mahajan; Natalia Martin Sabanes; Kei Murakoshi; Marc Porter; George Schatz; Sebastian Schlucker; Zhongqun Tian; Ashish Tripathi; Richard Van Duyne; Peter Vikesland; Jeremy Baumberg; Steven Bell; Alois Bonifacio; Rohit Chikkaraddy; Paul Dawson; Bart De Nijs
2014Characterization of secondary structure and fad conformational state in free and sol-gel immobilized glucose oxidasePortaccio; M.; Esposito; R.; Delfino, Ines ; Lepore
2000Comparison between macroscopic and microscopic viscosity of CMC solutionsDelfino, Ines ; Piccolo, C.; Netti, P. A.; Carotenuto, L.
2001Depth dependence of the analytical expression for the width of the point spread function (spatial resolution) in time-resolved transilluminationChernomordick, V.; Gandjbakhche, A.; Lepore, M.; Esposito, R.; Delfino, Ines 
2011Determination of Glucose Content by means of Visible Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and Interval Partial Least Square Multivariate AnalysisLepore, M.; Portaccio, M.; Della Ventura, B.; Mita, L.; Mita, D. G.; Camerlingo, C.; Delfino, Ines 
2001Development of a time-domain tomographic system for optical imagingLepore, M.; Urso, G.; Esposito, R.; Bottalico, L.; Esposito, M.; Falco, M. D.; Delfino, Ines ; Indovina, P. L.
2017Dynamical and structural properties of flavin adenine dinucleotide in aqueous solutions and bound to free and sol-gel immobilized glucose oxidaseDelfino, Ines ; Esposito, R.; Portaccio, M.; Lepore, M.
2013Enzyme Distribution and Secondary Structure of Sol-Gel Immobilized Glucose Oxidase by Micro-Attenuated Total Reflection FT-IR SpectroscopyDelfino, Ines ; Portaccio, M.; Della Ventura, B.; Mita, D. G.; Lepore, M.
2017EpiHRMAssay, an in tube and in silico HRMA combined approach for DNA methylation scanning and epityping in plantCirilli, M.; Delfino, Ines ; Caboni, E.; Muleo, R.
2013Evaluation of thin metal film thickness from light attenuation and multi-reflection effects on micro-Raman responseCamerlingo, C.; Lisitskiy, M. P.; De Stefano, L.; Rea, I.; Delfino, Ines ; Lepore, M.
1999An experimental comparison between time-resolved transmittance and reflectance techniques for optical characterization of scattering mediaLepore, M.; Delfino, Ines ; Ramaglia, A.; Vigilante, F.; Indovina, P. L.
2002Experimental evaluation of absorption coefficient in scattering media using different solutions to the diffusion equationDelfino, Ines ; Lepore, M.; Indovina, P. L.
2005Experimental study of short- and long-time diffusion regimes of spherical particles in carboxymethylcellulose solutionsDelfino, Ines ; Piccolo, C.; Lepore, M.
1999Experimental tests of different solutions to the diffusion equation for optical characterization of scattering media by time-resolved transmittanceDelfino, Ines ; Lepore, M.; Indovina, P. L.
2017Fructose and pectin detection in fruit-based food products by surface-enhanced raman spectroscopyCamerlingo, C.; Portaccio, M.; Tat, R.; Lepore, M.; Delfino, Ines 
2017Hyaluronan hydrogels with low modification degree as scaffolds for cartilage engineeringStellavato, A.; Schiraldi, C.; De Rosa, M.; Dagostino, A.; Delfino, Ines ; Ricci, G.; Papa, A.; Filosa, R.; Portaccio, M.; Cammarota, M.
2003Imaging small inhomogeneities by time-resolved laser transmittance measurements using different reconstruction proceduresEsposito, R.; Delfino, Ines ; Lepore, M.; Indovina, P. L.
2014Interval-Principal Component Analysis of Raman spectra of single cells exposed to X-ray radiationDelfino, Ines ; Lepore; M.; Capozzi; V.; Perna; G.; Camerlingo; C.; Manti; L.
2016Investigating the mechanical properties of zona pellucida human oocytes by atomic force spectroscopyAndolfi, L.; Ricci, G.; Lazzarino, M.; Masiero, E.; Giolo, E.; Martinelli, M.; Luppi, S.; Dal Zilio, S.; Delfino, Ines ; Bortul, R.; Zweyer, M.
1997Investigation of optical properties of scattering solutions by time-resolved transmittance 2979, 284-293 (1997) Washington, USALepore, M.; Delfino, Ines ; Indovina, P. L.; Guida, G.; Roberti, G.; Rossa, E.; Russo, P.; Scampoli, P.