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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Was the Cinta senese pig a luxury food already in the Late Middle Ages? Ancient DNA and Archaeozoological evidences from Central ItalyFederica, Gabbianelli; Francesca, Alhaique; Romagnoli, Giuseppe ; Luca, brancazi; Lavinia, Piermartini; Claudio, Ottoni; Alessio, Valentini; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Brancazi, L.
2014Whole Exome Sequencing revealed a novel PALB2 mutation in a male breast cancer family. In Dangerous Liaisons translating cancer biology into better patients managementSilvestri, V.; Rizzolo, P.; Navazio , A. S.; Valentini, V.; Zelli, V.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Montagna, M.; Ottini, L.
2023Whole genome sequencing diagnostic yield for paediatric patients with suspected genetic disorders: systematic review, meta-analysis, and GRADE assessmentNurchis, Mario Cesare; Altamura, Gerardo; Riccardi, Maria Teresa; Radio, Francesca Clementina; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bertini, Enrico Silvio; Garlasco, Jacopo; Tartaglia, Marco; Dallapiccola, Bruno; Damiani, Gianfranco
2017Whole-Exome Sequencing and Targeted Gene Sequencing Provide Insights Into the Role of PALB2 as a Male Breast Cancer Susceptibility GeneValentina Silvestri; Tiziana Castrignan; Alessandra Viel; Antonio Russo; Maria Grazia Tibiletti; Ines Zanna; Giovanna Masala; Laura Cortesi; Siranoush Manoukian; Jacopo Azzollini; Bernard Peissel; Veronica Zelli; Bernardo Bonanni; Paolo Peterlongo; Paolo Radice; Domenico Palli; Giuseppe Giannini; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Marco Montagna; Laura Ottini; Virginia Valentini; Piera Rizzolo; Anna Sara Navazio; Anna Coppa; Simona Agata; Cristina Oliani; Daniela Barana
2012X-ray absorption study of the solvation structure of Cu 2+ in methanol and dimethyl sulfoxideZitolo, A.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Dangelo, P.