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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A PROTOTYPE AGRIVOLTAIC PLANT ON THE AREA IN THE EXPERIMENTAL FARM AT TUSCIA UNIVERSITYAndrea Colantoni; BIANCHINI, LEONARDO ; Colla, Giuseppe ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Valerio Di Stefano; Francesco Gallucci; Alvaro Marucci; Gianluca Egidi
2020A Survey on Rope-Based Ascending Techniques and Materials of Professional Arborists in ItalyBIANCHINI, LEONARDO ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Pietro Gallo; Marcello Biocca
2021An industrial scale, mechanical process for improving pellet quality and biogas production from Hazelnut and Olive pruningBianchini, Leonardo; Costa, Paolo; Dell’omo, Pier Paolo; Colantoni, Andrea ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Monarca, Danilo 
2021An industrial scale, mechanical process for improving pellet quality and biogas production from Hazelnut and Olive pruningBIANCHINI, LEONARDO ; Costa, Paolo; Dell’omo, Pier Paolo; Colantoni, Andrea; Cecchini, Massimo ; Monarca, Danilo 
2015Analysis of internal shading degree to a prototype of dynamics photovoltaic greenhouse through simulation softwareMarucci, Alvaro ; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Colantoni, Andrea ; Cappuccini, A.; Cappuccini Andrea
2014Assessment of Energetic Potential by Hazelnuts Pruning in Black Sea Region in Turkey in Reference to the Achieved Viterbo Area Sustainability of Agricultural Systems Projects in ItalyBoubaker, K.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Allegrini, E.; Longo, L.; Di Giacinto, S.; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Massimo Cecchini
2015Automated determination of poplar chip size distribution based on combined image and multivariate analysesFebbi, P.; Menesatti, P.; Costa, C.; Pari, L.; Cecchini, Massimo 
2017Characterization of biochar obtained from pyro-gasification of Jatropha Curcas residues through an updraft reactorColantoni, A.; Gallucci, F.; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Abenavoli, L. M. M.; Longo Proto, L. A. R.
2017Characterizing Population Dynamics and Early Processes of Urbanization in Rural Tuscia, Central ItalyZambon, I.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Salvati, L.
2015Chemical risk assessment for workers employed in the wine sectorCossio, F.; Colantoni; Cecchini; M.; Cappuccini, A.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Cossio; F.; Cappuccini; A.
2015Comparison between different protective devices for agricultural wheeled narrow track tractors and a risk index in orchard workMonarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Di Giacinto, S.; Bedini, R.; Ghignoli, A.; Colopardi, F.; Rapiti, R.
2014Detection of mold-damaged chestnuts by near-infrared spectroscopyMoscetti, R.; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Haff, R. P.; Contini, M.; Massantini, Riccardo ; Haff , R. P.
2012Dispositivo ad acqua per labbattimento delle polveri emesse in ambiente dalle macchine impiegate nella raccolta della frutta in guscio , FACMA S.R.LFedrizzi, M.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Guerrieri, M.; Colantoni, A.; Monarca, D.; Pagano, M.; Bellachioma, R.; Menesatti, P.
2013Effect of alternative postharvest control treatments on the storability of Golden Delicious applesMoscetti, R.; Carletti, L.; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Stella, E.; Massantini, R.
2015Effects of controlled atmosphere and novel antifungal pre-treatments on quality and storability of Golden Delicious appleCecchini, Massimo ; Monarca, D.; Carletti, L.; Stella, E.; Moscetti, R.; Massantini, Riccardo ; Contini, M.
2012Energy Characterization and Gasification of Biomass Derived by Hazelnut CultivationMonarca, D.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Longo, L.; Vecchione, L.; Carlini, M.; Manzo, A.
2014The evolution of the chestnut harvesting techniqueMonarca, Danilo ; A.; Menghini; G.; Moscetti; R.; Massantini; Cecchini, Massimo ; Colantoni, Andrea ; Menghini, G.; Moscetti, R.; Massantini, Riccardo ; Cecchini; M.; Colantoni
2013Feasibility assessment of a combined biomass-wind North-African micro-grid system throughout Tunisia in terms of connectivity to the project European DC gridBoubaker, K.; Colantoni, E.; Allegrini, E.; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Longo, L.; Di Giacinto, S.; Menghini, G.; Colantoni, Andrea 
2021Feasibility of computer vision as Process Analytical Technology tool for the drying of organic apple slicesMoscetti, Roberto ; Raponi, Flavio; Cecchini, Massimo ; Monarca, Danilo ; Massantini, Riccardo 
2015Feasibility of NIR spectroscopy to detect olive fruit infested by Bactrocera oleaeMoscetti, R.; Haff, R. P.; Haff, Rp.; Stella, E.; Contini, M.; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Haff; Rp