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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Making sense out of SA/JA phytohormones signalling during plant defence by proteomic and transcriptomic approachProietti, S.; Bertini, Laura ; Timperio Am; Zolla, L.; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
2014Methyl Jasmonate as priming agent in riceSabatini, B.; Bertini, Laura ; Proietti, S.; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
2016Miming global warming. A transcriptomic study to explore how Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl. defend itself from heat stressBertini, Laura ; Focaracci, F.; Canini, F.; Proietti, S.; Onofri, S.; Caruso, C.
2012Modular structure of HEL protein from Arabidopsis reveals new potential functions for PR-4 proteinsBertini, Laura ; Proietti, S.; Aleandri , M. P.; Mondello, F.; Sandini, S.; Caporale, C.; Caruso, Carla ; Aleandri Mp
2006Molecular and functional analysis of new members of the wheat PR4 gene familyBertini, Laura ; Cascone, A.; Tucci, M.; Damore, R.; Di Berardino, I.; Buonocore, V.; Caporale; Caruso, C.
2009Molecular characterization of a wheat protein induced by vernalisationBertini, Laura ; Proietti, Silvia ; Caporale, C.; Caruso, C.
2013New insight into innate immunity in ArabidopsisProietti, S.; Bertini, Laura ; Amoresano, A.; Giangrande, C.; Caporale; Caruso, C.
2006Over-expression of a pathogenesis-related protein gene in transgenic tomato alters the transcription patterns of other defence genesFiocchetti, F.; Caruso, C.; Bertini, Laura ; Vitti, D.; Saccardo; Tucci, M.
2003Pathogen-responsive wheat PR4 genes are induced by plant activators of systemic acquired resistance and woundingBertini, Laura ; Leonardi, L.; Caporale, C.; Tucci, M.; Cascone, N.; Di Berardino, I.; Buonocore; Caruso, C.
2006Pathogenesis related genes as leading actors of plant defence mechanismsBertini, Laura ; Caruso, C.
2000Pathogenesis-related proteins in wheatCaruso, C.; Chilosi, G.; Caporale, C.; Vacca, F.; Bertini, Laura ; Magro, P.; Poerio; Buonocore, V.; Poerio, Elia 
2013Plant phytohormones as priming agents in riceSabatini, B.; Bertini, Laura ; Proietti, S.; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
2004PR4 genesBertini, Laura ; Cascone, A.; Di Berardino, I.; Caporale, C.; Buonocore; Caruso, C.
2012PR4 protein from ArabidopsisProietti, Silvia ; Bertini, Laura ; Aleandri Mp; Caporale; Caruso, C.; Mondello, F.; Girolamo, A.; Cassone, A.; Caporale, C.
1999Probing the modelled structure of wheatwin1 by controlled proteolysis and sequence analysis of unfractionated digestion mixturesCaporale, C.; Caruso, C.; Facchiano, A.; Nobile, M.; Leonardi, L.; Bertini, Laura ; Colonna; Buonocore, V.
2001Procedimento per la rinaturazione, idrolisi e produzione di proteine PR ricombinanti, composizioni e kit utilizzabili in tali procedimentiCaruso, C.; Bertini, Laura ; Tucci, M.; Leonardi, L.; Caporale, C.; Buonocore, V.
1998Purification and characterisation of an antifungal PR4 protein from wheat kernelChilosi, G.; Caruso, C.; Caporale, C.; Bertini, Laura ; Leonardi, L.; Fiocchetti, F.; Buonocore; Magro, P.
2001Recombinant wheat antifungal PR4 proteins expressed in Escherichia coliCaruso, C.; Bertini, Laura ; Tucci, M.; Caporale, C.; Nobile, M.; Leonardi; Buonocore, V.
1996Structural and Antifungal properties of a Pathogenesis-Related protein from Wheat KernelCaruso, C.; Caporale, C.; Chilosi, G.; Vacca, F.; Bertini, Laura ; Magro, P.; Poerio; Buonocore, V.; Poerio, Elia 
2009Structural basis of the antifungal activity of wheat PR4 proteinsBertini, Laura ; Caporale, C.; Testa, M.; Proietti; Caruso, C.; Proietti, Silvia