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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A basic peroxidase from wheat kernel with indol-3-acetic acid oxidase activityCaruso, C.; Chilosi, G.; Leonardi, L.; Bertini, Laura ; Magro, P.; Buonocore; Caporale, C.
2009C-terminal domain of HEL protein from Arabidopsis has potent antimicrobial and ribonuclease activitiesProietti, Silvia ; Alendri Mp; Bertini, Laura ; Chilosi, G.; Caporale Caruso, C. E. C.; Aleandri Mp; Caporale, C.; Caruso, C.
2003Comparing the modelled structures of PR-4 proteins from wheatCaporale, C.; Facchiano, A.; Leonardi, L.; Bertini, Laura ; Chilosi, G.; Buonocore; Caruso, C.
2008Constitutive over-expression of two wheat pathogenesis-related genes enhances resistance of tobacco plants to Phytophthora nicotianaeFiocchetti, F.; Tucci, M.; Damore, R.; De Palma, M.; Bertini, Laura ; Caruso, C.; Caporale, C.; Testa, A.; Cristinzio, G.; Saccardo, F.
2011Cross activity of orthologous WRKY TFs in wheat and ArabidopsisProietti, Silvia ; Bertini, Laura ; Van Der Ent, S.; Leon-reyes, A.; Pieterse , C. M. J.; Tucci, M.; Caporale, C.; Caruso, C.; Pieterse Cmj
2013Crosstalk between salicylic acid and jasmonate in Arabidopsis investigated by an integrated proteomic and transcriptomic approachProietti, Silvia ; Bertini; L.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Zolla; C.; Caruso; Timperio; A. M.; Bertini, Laura ; Zolla, Lello ; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.; Proietti; S.
2005CysMap and CysJoinCaporale, C.; Bertini, Laura ; Pucci, P.; Buonocore; Caruso, C.
2013Deepening TOL and TOU catabolic pathways of Pseudomonas sp. OX1Bertini, Laura ; Cafaro, V.; Proietti, Silvia ; Caporale, C.; Capasso, P.; Caruso, C.; Di Donato, A.
2017Estimating the genetic diversity and structure of Quercus trojana webb populations in Italy by SSRsCarabeo, M.; Mattioni, C.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Cherubini, M.; Mattia, C.; Chiocchini, F.; Bertini, Laura ; Caruso, C.; La Mantia, T.; Villani, F.
1998Expression and functional analysis of Mr 58,000 peptides derived from the repetitive domain of HMW subunit 1Dx5Buonocore, F.; Halford; Shewry, P. R.; Bertini, Laura ; Ronchi, C.; Bekes, F.; Caporale, C.; Lafiandra, D.; Gras, P.; Tatham, A. S.; Greenfield, J.
2002Expression of PR genes in wheat seedlings in response to plant activatorsBertini, Laura ; Leonardi, L.; Caporale, C.; Tucci, M.; Cascone, N.; Di Berardino, I.; Buonocore; Caruso, C.
2004Functional characterisation of wheat pathogenesis related proteins of class 4Di Berardino, I.; Bertini, Laura ; Aleandri Mp; Cascone, A.; Caporale, C.; Buonocore; Caruso, C.
2016Genetic diversity and structure of Quercus trojana populations in ItalyMattioni, C.; Mattia, C.; Carabeo, M.; Simeone Mc; Caruso, Carla ; Bertini, Laura ; Cherubini, M.; Chiocchini, F.; Mattia; Villani, F.
2019GLYI4 Plays A Role in Methylglyoxal Detoxification and Jasmonate-Mediated Stress Responses in Arabidopsis thalianaProietti, Silvia ; Falconieri, Gaia Salvatore; Bertini, Laura ; Baccelli, Ivan; Paccosi, Elena; Belardo, Antonio; Timperio, Anna Maria; Caruso, Carla 
2002Identification of SnIP1, a novel protein that interacts with SNF1-related protein kinase (SnRK1)Slocombe, S. P.; Laurie, S.; Bertini, Laura ; Beaudoin, F.; Dickinson; Halford, N. G.
2008Induction of PR proteins and resistance by the biocontrol agent Clonostachys rosea in wheat plants infected with Fusarium culmorumRoberti, R.; Veronesi, A.; Cesari, A.; Cascone, A.; Di Berardino, I.; Bertini, Laura ; Caruso, C.
1999Induction of PR-proteins in germinating wheat seeds infected with Fusarium culmorumCaruso, C.; Chilosi, G.; Caporale, C.; Leonardi, L.; Bertini, Laura ; Magro; Buonocore, V.
2016The influence of global warming on Colobanthus quitensis reproductionBertini, Laura ; Focaracci, F.; Canini, F.; Proietti, S.; Onofri, S.; Caruso, Carla 
2012Innate immunity responses in Arabidopsis triggered by LOSProietti, S.; Bertini, Laura ; Amoresano, A.; Giangrande, C.; Caporale; Caruso, C.
2001Isolation and amino acid sequence of two new PR-4 proteins from wheatCaruso, C.; Nobile, M.; Leonardi, L.; Bertini, Laura ; Buonocore; Caporale, C.