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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012How Internet is Upsetting the Communication Between Organizations and their StakeholdersFederici, T.; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
Jan-2014ICT, risorsa per la Pubblica AmministrazioneBraccini, Alessio Maria 
2014Ideas Sharing Through ICT in Innovation ProcessesAquilani, Barbara ; Abbate, T.; Braccini, Alessio Maria ; Abbate Tindara
2016The Impact of Performance Management Systems on ISSerpico Elsa; Braccini, Alessio Maria ; Ruggieri Alessandro
2020Industry 4.0 Technologies in Flexible Manufacturing for Sustainable Organizational Value: Reflections from a Multiple Case Study of Italian ManufacturersMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2012The Influence of Service Providers on the Transparency Between Citizens and Governments in the Internet EraFederici Tommaso; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2019Information and Knowledge Risks in Supply Chain Interactions of SMEsNorth, Klaus; Barbosa de Carvalho, Armindo; Braccini, Alessio Maria ; Durst, Susanne; Carvalho, João Alvaro; Gräslund, Karin; Thalmann, Stefan
2013Information Systems Development Projects and the SIMPT 2.0 CaseFederici, T.; Crisalli, U.; Scerbo, D.; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2016Information, Technology, and TrustMarzo Francesca; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2013Innovation Outside the BoundariesAquilani, Barbara ; Abbate, T.; Braccini, Alessio Maria ; Abbate Tindara
2012Internet, Citizens, and Public OrganizationsBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Federici, T.
2012The Interplay Between Practitioners and Technological Experts in the Design Process of an IS in ArchaeologyFederici, T.; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2016IntroductionTorre Teresina; Braccini, Alessio Maria ; Spinelli Riccardo
2022Introduction: Do machines dream of electric workers? New frontiers in the debate on technology, structure, and strategySolari, Luca; Martinez, Marcello; Braccini, Alessio Maria ; Lazazzara, Alessandra
2014Investigating Appropriation and Reinvention Along a Design Process with Adaptive Structuration TheoryBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Federici Tommaso
2014Investigating Digital Natives and Their Organizational BehaviorBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Federici Tommaso
Sep-2017Investigating Factors Negatively Influencing IT Value: the Role of Organizational IntegrationBraccini, Alessio Maria 
2020IS in the Cloud and Organizational Benefits: An Exploratory StudyMargherita, Emanuele Gabriel ; Braccini, Alessio Maria 
2013IT Value in Public SectorBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Federici, T.
2017Key Success Factors Positively Affecting Academic Spin-off Organizational PerformanceBraccini, Alessio Maria ; Poponi, Stefano ; Ruggieri, Alessandro