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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Development of a traceability procedure for biomass energy chainBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Fantozzi, F.
2011Documento propedeutico alla redazione del Piano Nazionale Biocarburanti e Biomasse - II Edizione - Aggiornamento 2011Barbanera, Marco ; Bartocci, P.; Cavalaglio, G.
2016Driftwood Biomass in Italy: Estimation and CharacterizationCotana Franco; Buratti Cinzia; Barbanera, Marco ; Cavalaglio Gianluca; Foschini Daniele; Nicolini Andrea; Pisello Anna
2015Effect of steam explosion pretreatment on sugar production by enzymatic hydrolysis of olive tree pruningBarbanera, Marco ; Buratti Cinzia; Cotana Franco; Foschini Daniele; Lascaro Elisa
2020Effect of the temperature on the spent coffee grounds torrefaction process in a continuous pilot-scale reactorBarbanera, Marco ; Muguerza, If
2022Effect of torrefaction temperature on spent coffee grounds thermal behaviour and kineticsCardarelli, Alessandro; Pinzi, Sara; Barbanera, Marco 
2016Energy and Environmental Performance Analysis of Biomass-fuelled Combined Cooling and Heating System for Commercial Building Retrofit: An Italian Case StudyMoretti Elisa; Barbanera, Marco ; Foschini Daniele; Buratti Cinzia; Cotana Franco
2016Energy Enhancement of the Residues from the Cardoon Seeds Milling: Preliminary Experimentation in a Small Size Biogas PlantPetrozzi Alessandro; Cavalaglio Gianluca; Coccia Valentina; Nicolini Andrea; Barbanera, Marco ; Cotana Franco
2022Environmental assessment and eco-design of a surgical face maskBarbanera, M. ; Marconi, Marco ; Peruzzi, Alessandro; Dinarelli, Serena
2008Environmental balance of bioethanol from corn grainFantozzi, F.; Barbanera, Marco ; Buratti, C.
2007Environmental impact assessment of fiber sorghum (sudan-grass) production systems for biomass energy production in a central region of ItalyBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Fantozzi, F.
2013Ethanol production from Vineyard pruning residues with steam esplosion pretreatmentBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.
2015Ethanol Production from Vineyard Pruning Residues with Steam Explosion PretreatmentBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.
2014Evaluation of steam explosion pre-treatment for enzymatic hydrolysis of Vineyard pruningBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Foschini, D.; Lascaro, E.
2013Feasibility and environmental advantages of a plant with a biomass boiler and absorption chiller machineCotana, F.; Buratti, C.; Moretti, E.; Barbanera, Marco ; Passeri, F.
2018Fermentable sugars production from peach tree prunings: Response surface model optimization of NaOH alkaline pretreatmentBuratti Cinzia; Foschini Daniele; Barbanera, Marco ; Fantozzi Francesco
2006Il progetto illuminotecnico della chiesa di San Domenico a SpoletoBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Mariani, R.
2019Impact of storage on energy performance of laricio pine wood chipsBuratti, C.; Cristarella Orestano, F.; Cotana, F.; Quaglietta, P.; Antonelli, P.; Barbanera, Marco 
2023Introducing digital tools for sustainable food supply management: Tackling food loss and waste in industrial canteensPrincipato, Ludovica; Marchetti, Stefano; Barbanera, Marco ; Ruini, Luca; Capoccia, Leonardo; Comis, Camilla; Secondi, Luca 
2019Kinetic Analysis of Digestate Slow Pyrolysis with the Application of the Master-Plots Method and Independent Parallel Reactions SchemeBartocci, P.; Tschentscher, R.; Stensrod, Re; Barbanera, Marco ; Fantozzi, F.