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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Animal conflicts escalate in a warmer worldFattorini, Niccolò; Lovari, Sandro; Franceschi, Sara; Chiatante, Gianpasquale ; Brunetti, Claudia; Baruzzi, Carolina; Ferretti, Francesco
2020Associations between forest specialist birds and composition of woodland habitats in a highly modified landscapePorro, Zeno; Chiatante, Gianpasquale ; Bogliani, Giuseppe
2019Bird Diversity in Short Rotation Coppice in Northern ItalyChiatante, Gianpasquale ; Giordano, Marta; Meriggi, Alberto
2020Climatic changes and the fate of mountain herbivoresLovari, Sandro; Franceschi, Sara; Chiatante, Gianpasquale ; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Fattorini, Niccolò; Ferretti, Francesco
2012Densità della civetta Athene noctua in un’area delle Murge Sud-OrientaliChiatante, Gianpasquale ; Todisco, Simone
2021Differential autumn migration between sex and age groups in the Western marsh harrier: a longitudinal pattern analysisAgostini, Nicolantonio; Chiatante, Gianpasquale ; Dell’Omo, Giacomo; Panuccio, Michele
2015Distribuzione e selezione dell’habitat della ghiandaia marina Coracias garrulus L. in Puglia centraleChiatante, Gianpasquale 
2006Does the Honey-buzzard feed during migration?Panuccio, M.; Agostini, N.; Wilson, S.; Lucia, G.; Ashton-Booth, J.; Chiatante, Gianpasquale ; Mellone, U.; Todisco, S.
2021Environmental factors affecting the wintering raptor community in Armenia, Southern CaucasusChiatante, Gianpasquale ; Panuccio, Michele
2015Factors affecting the visible southbound migration of raptors approaching a water surfaceAgostini, N.; Scuderi, A.; Chiatante, Gianpasquale ; Bogliani, G.; Panuccio, M.
2021Habitat requirements of the Masked Shrike Lanius nubicus in the southern BalkansChiatante, Gianpasquale 
2022Habitat selection and density of common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) in Northern Italy: effects of land use cover and landscape configurationChiatante, Gianpasquale ; Meriggi, Alberto
2020Habitat selection and density of the Barbary partridge in Sardinia, Mediterranean SeaChiatante, Gianpasquale ; Rosin, Anna Vidus; Cinerari, Claudia Elisa; Lombardini, Marco; Murru, Marco; Meriggi, Alberto
2014Habitat selection of Dartford Warbler Sylvia undata on Elba Island (Tuscan Archipelago, Italy)Chiatante, Gianpasquale 
2017Habitat selection of European badger Meles meles in highly fragmented forest landscape in northern Italy: the importance of hedgerows and agro-forestry systemsChiatante, Gianpasquale ; Dondina, Olivia; Lucchelli, Martina; Bani, Luciano; Meriggi, Alberto
2022Habitat selection, density and breeding of Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major in a protected natural area in northern ItalyPiacentini, Elena; Chiatante, Gianpasquale 
2021Habitat suitability and nest-site selection of short-Toed eagle Circaetus gallicus in Tolfa Mountains (Central Italy)Cauli, Federico; Audisio, Paolo; Petretti, Francesco; Chiatante, Gianpasquale 
2022Habitat use and niche overlap of ground-nesting steppic birdsChiatante, Gianpasquale 
2022Habitat use of the mistle thrush (Turdus viscivorus): The importance of urban areas and permanent cropsChiatante, Gianpasquale 
2019Heterospecific social attraction in migrant birds: Habitat niche overlap between two threatened shrikesChiatante, Gianpasquale