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2021Biogeography of telomere dynamics in a vertebrateCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, Roberta ; Liparoto, Anita; Angelier, Frederic; Ribout, Cécile; Carere, Claudio ; Costantini, David 
2022Early life parameters and personality affect oxidative status during adulthood in an altricial rodentRödel, Heiko G; Jardim, Veridiana; Rangassamy, Marylin; Jaravel, Ludivine; Jacquet, Daphné; Monclús, Raquel; Féron, Christophe; Costantini, David 
2023Environmental drivers of growth and oxidative status during early life in a long-lived Antarctic seabird, the Adélie PenguinMarciau, Coline; Costantini, David ; Bestley, Sophie; Hicks, Olivia; Hindell, Mark A.; Kato, Akiko; Raclot, Thierry; Ribout, Cécile; Ropert-Coudert, Yan; Angelier, Frederic
2022Evolution of personality and locomotory performance traits during a late Pleistocene island colonization in a treefrogBisconti, Roberta ; Carere, Claudio ; Costantini, david ; Liparoto Anita; Chiocchio Andrea; Canestrelli, Daniele 
2022GPS-tracking reveals annual variation in home-range and sedentary behaviour in Common Kestrels breeding in central ItalyDamiani, Gianluca; Jennings, Valeria; Dell’Omo, Giacomo; Costantini, David 
2023Impacts of rising temperatures and water acidification on the oxidative status and immune system of aquatic ectothermic vertebrates: A meta-analysisMessina, Simone ; Costantini, David ; Eens, Marcel
2022Seabirds under environmental pressures: Food supplementation has a larger impact than selenium on chicks exposed to mercury and a viral diseaseSebastiano, Manrico; Eens, Marcel; Bustamante, Paco; Chastel, Olivier; Costantini, David 
2022Spatial differentiation of background matching strategies along a Late Pleistocene range expansion routeSpadavecchia Giada; Chiocchio Andrea; Costantini, David ; Liparoto Anita; Bisconti, Roberta ; Canestrelli, Daniele 
2023Spatial differentiation of background matching strategies along a Late Pleistocene range expansion routeSpadavecchia, Giada; Chiocchio, Andrea; Costantini, David ; Liparoto, Anita; Bisconti, Roberta ; Canestrelli, Daniele 
2023The oxidative cost of competing for egg fertilization exceeds the cost of egg productionLorenzi, Maria Cristina; Robles-Guerrero, Franco G; Costantini, David