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2023A wavelet-based separation method for tonal and broadband components of low Reynolds-number propeller noiseMeloni, Stefano ; de Paola, E; Grande, E; Ragni, D; Stoica, L G; Di Marco, A; Camussi, R
2020Analysis of experimental unsteady wall pressure data from a jet installed above a semi-finite plateMeloni, Stefano ; Jack L. T. Lawrence; Anderson R. Proença; Alessandro Trotta; Roberto Camussi; Rod H. Self
2021Experimental Investigation on the Jet Noise Sources for Chevron Nozzles in Under-expanded ConditionJawahar, Hasan Kamliya; Meloni, Stefano ; Camussi, Roberto; Azarpeyvand, Mahdi
2020Intermittency analysis of high-lift airfoil with slat cove fillersJawahar, Hasan Kamliya; Meloni, Stefano ; Azarpeyvand, Mahdi; Camussi, Roberto; da Silva, Carlos R.Ilário
2021Intermittent statistics and stochastic modelling of low and high Re compressible jetsCamussi, Roberto; Micci, Gaetano Luca; Meloni, Stefano ; Bogey, Christophe
2020Jet-flat plate interaction: Wall pressure coherence modelingMeloni, Stefano ; Camussi, Roberto; Di Marco, Alessandro; Fava, Gianluca
2022On the application of wavelet transform in jet aeroacousticsCamussi, Roberto; Meloni, Stefano 
2022On the Wall Pressure Fluctuations induced by a Supersonic Jet over the Wing pressure sideMeloni, Stefano ; De Paola, E.; Curcio, L.; Camussi, R.