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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Drosophila perspective on retina functions and dysfunctionsCatalani Elisabetta ; Silvestri, Federica; Cervia, Davide 
2021Acid Sphingomyelinase Controls Early Phases of Skeletal Muscle Regeneration by Shaping the Macrophage PhenotypeRoux-Biejat, Paulina; Coazzoli, Marco; Marrazzo, Pasquale; Zecchini, Silvia; Di Renzo, Ilaria; Prata, Cecilia; Napoli, Alessandra; Moscheni, Claudia; Giovarelli, Matteo; Barbalace, Maria Cristina; Catalani Elisabetta ; Bassi, Maria Teresa; De Palma, Clara; Cervia, Davide ; Malaguti, Marco; Hrelia, Silvana; Clementi, Emilio; Perrotta, Cristiana
2020Acid Sphingomyelinase Downregulation Enhances Mitochondrial Fusion and Promotes Oxidative Metabolism in a Mouse Model of MelanomaCoazzoli, M.; Caccia, S.; Procacci, P.; Cervia, Davide ; Clementi, E.; Perrotta, C.; Napoli, A.; Roux-biejat, P.; De Palma, C.; Moscheni, C.; Catalani Elisabetta ; Zecchini, S.; Conte, V.; Giovarelli, M.
2020Acid Sphingomyelinase Downregulation Enhances Mitochondrial Fusion and Promotes Oxidative Metabolism in a Mouse Model of MelanomaCoazzoli, Marco; Napoli, Alessandra; Roux-Biejat, Paulina; Palma, Clara De; Moscheni, Claudia; Catalani Elisabetta ; Zecchini, Silvia; Conte, Vincenzo; Giovarelli, Matteo; Caccia, Sonia; Procacci, Patrizia; Cervia, Davide ; Clementi, Emilio; Perrotta, Cristiana
2018Autophagy-mediated neuroprotection induced by octreotide in an ex vivo model of early diabetic retinopathyAmato, R.; Catalani Elisabetta ; Dal Monte, M.; Cammalleri, M.; Di Renzo, I.; Perrotta, C.; Cervia, Davide ; Casini, G.
2017Beta Adrenergic Receptor Blocker Propranolol Counteracts Retinal Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Oxygen Induced RetinopathyCammalleri, M.; Locri, F.; Catalani Elisabetta ; Filippi, L.; Cervia, Davide ; Dal Monte, M.; Bagnoli, P.
2007Changes in neuronal response to ischemia in retinas with genetic alterations of somatostatin receptor expressionCatalani Elisabetta ; Cervia, Davide ; Martini, D.; Bagnoli, P.; Simonetti, E.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Casini, G.
2017Current evidence for a role of neuropeptides in the regulation of autophagyCatalani Elisabetta ; De Palma, C.; Perrotta, C.; Cervia, Davide 
2021Defects of full-length dystrophin trigger retinal neuron damage and synapse alterations by disrupting functional autophagyCatalani Elisabetta ; Bongiorni, Silvia; Taddei, Anna Rita; Mezzetti, Marta; Silvestri, Federica; Coazzoli, Marco; Zecchini, Silvia; Giovarelli, Matteo; Perrotta, Cristiana; De Palma, Clara; Clementi, Emilio; Ceci, Marcello ; Prantera, Giorgio ; Cervia, Davide 
2020Diabetic retinopathy, a matter of retinal ganglion cell homeostasisCatalani Elisabetta ; Cervia, Davide 
2020Diabetic retinopathy: a matter of retinal ganglion cell homeostasisCatalani Elisabetta ; Cervia, Davide 
2019Dysfunctional autophagy induced by the pro-apoptotic natural compound climacostol in tumour cellsZecchini, Silvia; Proietti Serafini, Francesca; Catalani, E. ; Giovarelli, Matteo; Coazzoli, Marco; Di Renzo, Ilaria; De Palma, Clara; Perrotta, Cristiana; Clementi, Emilio; Buonanno, Federico; Ortenzi, Claudio; Marcantoni, Enrico; Taddei, Anna Rita; Picchietti, Simona ; Fausto, Anna Maria ; Cervia, Davide 
2007Expression, pharmacology and functional role of somatostatin receptor subtypes 1 and 2 in human macrophagesArmani, C.; Catalani Elisabetta ; Balbarini, A.; Bagnoli, P.; Cervia, Davide 
2014In vitro ACE-inhibitory activity and in vivo antihypertensive effects of water-soluble extract by Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheesesBernabucci, Umberto ; Catalani, E. ; Basiric√≤, Loredana ; Morera, Patrizia ; Alessandro, Nardone
2008Modulation of the neuronal response to ischemia by somatostatin analogues in wild-type and knock-out mouse retinasCervia, Davide ; Martini, D.; Ristori, C.; Catalani Elisabetta ; Timperio, A. M.; Bagnoli, P.; Casini, G.
2020Natural function and structural modification of climacostol, a ciliate secondary metaboliteBuonanno, F.; Catalani Elisabetta ; Cervia, Davide ; Cimarelli, C.; Marcantoni, E.; Ortenzi, C.
2020Natural Function and Structural Modification of Climacostol, a Ciliate Secondary MetaboliteBuonanno, Federico; Catalani Elisabetta ; Cervia, Davide ; Cimarelli, Cristina; Marcantoni, Enrico; Ortenzi, Claudio
2016Natural products from aquatic eukaryotic microorganisms for cancer therapyCatalani Elisabetta ; Proietti Serafini, F. ; Zecchini, S. ; Picchietti, Simona ; Fausto, Anna Maria ; Marcantoni, E. ; Buonanno, F.; Ortenzi, C.; Perrotta, C.; Cervia, Davide 
2019Neuroprotective Peptides in Retinal DiseaseCervia, Davide ; Catalani Elisabetta ; Casini, Giovanni
2018Nitric Oxide Generated by Tumor-Associated Macrophages Is Responsible for Cancer Resistance to Cisplatin and Correlated With Syntaxin 4 and Acid Sphingomyelinase InhibitionPerrotta, Cristiana; Cervia, Davide ; Di Renzo, Ilaria; Moscheni, Claudia; Bassi, Maria Teresa; Campana, Lara; Martelli, Cristina; Catalani Elisabetta ; Giovarelli, Matteo; Zecchini, Silvia; Coazzoli, Marco; Capobianco, Annalisa; Ottobrini, Luisa; Lucignani, Giovanni; Rosa, Patrizia; Rovere-Querini, Patrizia; De Palma, Clara; Clementi, Emilio