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2013Anti proliferative, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the chemical constituents of Ajuga turkestanica (Lamiaceae) from UzbekistanMamadalieva Nz; El-ready Mz; Ovidi, E. ; Ashour Ml; Hamoud, R.; Sagdullaev Ss; Azimova Ss; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Wink, M.
2020Antimicrobial Testing of Schinus molle (L.) Leaf Extracts and Fractions Followed by GC-MS Investigation of Biological Active FractionsTurchetti, Giovanni; Garzoli, Stefania; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Sabia, Carla; Iseppi, Ramona; Giacomello, Pierluigi; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Elisa Ovidi 
2020Antiproliferative Properties of Papaver rhoeas Ovule Extracts and Derived Fractions Tested on HL60 Leukemia Human CellsElisa Ovidi ; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Garzoli, Stefania; Gambellini, Gabriella; Keita, Saran Vittoria; Zago, Daniele; Turchetti, Giovanni; Modesti, Lorenzo; Tiezzi, Antonio 
2020Apoptotic Effects on HL60 Human Leukaemia Cells Induced by Lavandin Essential Oil TreatmentLaghezza Masci, Valentina; Ovidi, E. ; Taddei, Anna Rita; Turchetti, Giovanni; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Giacomello, Pierluigi; Garzoli, Stefania
2013Biological control of tomato bacterial speck using Punica granatum fruit peel extractQuattrucci, A.; Ovidi, E. ; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
2021Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Tunisian Ziziphus lotus Extracts: Evaluation of Drying Effect, Solvent Extraction, and Extracted Plant PartsLetaief, Touka; Garzoli, Stefania; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Mejri, Jamel; Abderrabba, Manef; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Elisa Ovidi 
2020Chemical Investigation and Screening of Anti-Proliferative Activity on Human Cell Lines of Pure and Nano-Formulated Lavandin Essential OilElisa Ovidi ; Masci, Valentina Laghezza; Taddei, Anna Rita; Paolicelli, Patrizia; Petralito, Stefania; Trilli, Jordan; Mastrogiovanni, Fabio; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Casadei, Maria Antonietta; Giacomello, Pierluigi; Garzoli, Stefania
2019Chemical Investigation of a Biologically Active Schinus molle L. Leaf ExtractGarzoli, Stefania; Masci, Valentina Laghezza; Ovidi, E. ; Turchetti, Giovanni; Zago, Daniele; Tiezzi, Antonio 
2018Chemical investigations of male and female leaf extracts from Schinus molle LGarzoli, Stefania; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Turchetti, Giovanni; Pesci, Lorenzo; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Ovidi, E. 
2022Detection of Volatiles by HS-SPME-GC/MS and Biological Effect Evaluation of Buddha's Hand FruitVitalini, Sara; Iriti, Marcello; Ovidi, E. ; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Garzoli, Stefania
2022Editorial: Natural Product Based Drugs that Control Obesity and Other Disorders that Trigger and Provoke InflammationYoussef, Fadia S; Elisa Ovidi ; Rai, Mahendra
2022From Hops to Craft Beers: Production Process, VOCs Profile Characterization, Total Polyphenol and Flavonoid Content Determination and Antioxidant Activity EvaluationIannone, Matteo; Ovidi, E. ; Vitalini, Sara; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Iriti, Marcello; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Garzoli, Stefania; Marianelli, Andrea
2019GC-MS investigation and antiproliferative activities of extracts from male and female flowers of Schinus molle LOvidi, E. ; Garzoli, Stefania; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Turchetti, Giovanni; Tiezzi, Antonio 
2021Headspace/GC-MS Analysis and Investigation of Antibacterial, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activity of Essential Oils and Hydrolates from Rosmarinus officinalis L. and Lavandula angustifolia MillerGarzoli, Stefania; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Franceschi, Sara; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Giacomello, Pierluigi; Elisa Ovidi 
2013Immune modulatory effects of Aloe arborescens extract on the piscine SAF-1 cell linePicchietti, Simona ; Fausto, Anna Maria ; Belardinelli Mc; Taddei Ar; Guerra, L.; Bernini, C.; Belardinelli, M. C.; Ovidi, E. ; Taddei; A. R.; Guerra; L.; Abelli, L.
2021Laurus nobilis, Salvia sclarea and Salvia officinalis Essential Oils and Hydrolates: Evaluation of Liquid and Vapor Phase Chemical Composition and Biological ActivitiesElisa Ovidi ; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Zambelli, Marta; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Vitalini, Sara; Garzoli, Stefania
2020Lavandula x intermedia essential oil and hydrolate: Evaluation of chemical composition and antibacterial activity before and after formulation in nanoemulsionGarzoli, Stefania; Petralito, Stefania; Ovidi, E. ; Turchetti, Giovanni; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Trilli, Jordan; Cesa, Stefania; Casadei, Maria Antonietta; Giacomello, Pierluigi; Paolicelli, Patrizia
2021Liquid and Vapor Phase of Four Conifer-Derived Essential Oils: Comparison of Chemical Compositions and Antimicrobial and Antioxidant PropertiesGarzoli, Stefania; Masci, Valentina Laghezza; Caradonna, Valentina; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Giacomello, Pierluigi; Elisa Ovidi 
2019Liquid and Vapour Phase of Lavandin (Lavandula × intermedia) Essential Oil: Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial ActivityGarzoli, Stefania; Turchetti, Giovanni; Giacomello, Pierluigi; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Laghezza Masci, Valentina; Ovidi, E. 
2021Morphology, Anatomy and Secondary Metabolites Investigations of Premna odorata Blanco and Evaluation of Its Anti-Tuberculosis Activity Using In Vitro and In Silico StudiesYoussef, Fadia S; Elisa Ovidi ; Musayeib, Nawal M Al; Ashour, Mohamed L