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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Minimally Invasive Approach for Preventing White Wine Protein Haze by Early Enzymatic TreatmentBenucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, Claudio; Muganu, Massimo ; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Esti, Marco 
2021A Novel Process for the Recovery of Betalains from Unsold Red Beets by Low-Temperature Enzyme-Assisted ExtractionLombardelli, Claudio; Benucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Esti, Marco 
2021Arginase Activity Characterization During Alcoholic Fermentation by Sequential Inoculation with Non-Saccharomyces and Saccharomyces YeastBenucci, Ilaria ; Esti, Marco 
2021Betalain Extracts from Beetroot as Food Colorants: Effect of Temperature and UV-Light on StorabilityLombardelli, Claudio; Benucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Esti, Marco 
2011Bromelain from pineapple stem in alcoholic- acidic buffers for Wine applicationBenucci, Ilaria ; Liburdi, Katia; Garzillo, Anna Maria Vittoria; Esti, Marco 
2019Clay/chitosan biocomposite systems as novel green carriers for covalent immobilization of food enzymesCacciotti, I.; Lombardelli, C.; Benucci, Ilaria ; Esti, Marco 
2019Developing a novel enzyme immobilization process by activation of epoxy carriers with glucosamine for pharmaceutical and food applicationsSerra, I.; Benucci, Ilaria ; Robescu, M. S.; Lombardelli, C.; Esti, Marco ; Calvio, C.; Pregnolato, M.; Terreni, M.; Bavaro, T.
2024Dosing oxygen from the early stages of white winemaking: Effect on oxidation-reduction potential, browning stability, volatile composition, and sensory propertiesBenucci, Ilaria ; Cerreti, Martina; Esti, Marco 
2011Effect of wine inhibitors on free pineapple stem bromelain activity in a model wine systemEsti, Marco ; Benucci, Ilaria ; Liburdi, Katia; Garzillo, Anna Maria Vittoria
2023Enzyme-Assisted Extraction for the Recovery of Food-Grade Chlorophyll-Based Green ColorantMazzocchi, Caterina; Benucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, Claudio; Esti, Marco 
2020Evolution of phenolic and volatile compounds during bottle storage of a white wine without added sulfitePati, S.; Crupi, P.; Savastano, Ml; Benucci, Ilaria ; Esti, Marco 
2022Green Enzymatic Recovery of Functional Bioactive Compounds from Unsold Vegetables: Storability and Potential Health BenefitsLombardelli, Claudio; Benucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Esti, Marco 
2020Immobilization of γ-Glutamyl Transpeptidase from Equine Kidney for the Synthesis of kokumi CompoundsBruni, M.; Robescu, Ms; Ubiali, D.; Marrubini, G.; Vanna, R.; Morasso, C.; Benucci, Ilaria ; Speranza, G.; Bavaro, T.
2022Inclusion of curcumin in b-cyclodextrin: a promising prospective as food ingredientBenucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Lombardelli, Claudio; Del Franco, Felicia; Cerreti, Martina; Esti, Marco 
2023Innovative continuous biocatalytic system based on immobilized tannase: possible prospects for the haze-active phenols hydrolysis in brewing industryBenucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, Claudio; Esti, Marco 
2019Intra-varietal variability of Romanesco variety (Vitis vinifera L.)Muganu, Massimo ; Paolocci, Marco; Primiceri, Simona; Tartaglia, Riccardo; Benucci, Ilaria ; Cerreti, Martina; D'Onofrio, Claudio; Paolacci, Anna Rita; Bignami, Cristina
2020Lipase-mediated hydrolysis of hempseed oil in a packed-bed reactor and in-line purification of PUFA as mono- and diacylglycerolsBavaro, T.; Benucci, Ilaria ; Pedrali, A.; Marrubini, G.; Esti, Marco ; Terreni, M.; Massolini, G.; Ubiali, D.
2016Lysozyme immobilized on chitosan beads: Kinetic characterization and antimicrobial activity in white winesLiburdi, Katia ; Benucci, Ilaria ; Palumbo, F.; Esti, Marco 
2019Multi-enzymatic Systems Immobilized on Chitosan Beads for Pomegranate Juice Treatment in Fluidized Bed Reactor: Effect on Haze-Active Molecules and Chromatic PropertiesBenucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, C.; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Esti, Marco 
2022Natural colorants from vegetable food waste: Recovery, regulatory aspects, and stability - A reviewBenucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, Claudio; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Esti, Marco