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2016Above ground biomass and tree species richness estimation with airborne lidar in tropical Ghana forestsVaglio Laurin, G.; Puletti, N.; Chen, Q.; Corona, Piermaria ; Papale, Dario ; Valentini, Riccardo 
2014Above ground biomass estimation in an African tropical forest with lidar and hyperspectral data. ISPRS JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAMMETRY AND REMOTE SENSING,Vaglio Laurin; F. D.; Guerriero; L.; Pirotti; F.; Valentini, Riccardo ; G.; Chen; Q.; Lindsell; J. A.; Coomes; D. A.; Frate
2015Airborne LiDAR detects selectively logged tropical forest even in an advanced stage of recoveryKent, R.; Lindsell Ja; Laurin Gv; Valentini, Riccardo ; Coomes Da
2014Biodiversity mapping in a tropical West African forest with airborne hyperspectral data. PLOS ONE,Vaglio Laurin; D. A.; Guerriero; L.; Del Frate; F.; Miglietta; Valentini, Riccardo ; G.; Cheung-wai Chan; J.; Chen; Q.; Lindsell; J. A.; Coomes
2014Biodiversity of Italian Tamarix spp. populations: their potential as environmental and productive resources". RENDICONTI LINCEI. SCIENZE FISICHE E NATURALI,Kuzminsky; S.; Angelaccio; C.; De Dato; Monteverdi; M. C.; Valentini, Riccardo ; E.; De Angelis; P.; Abou Jaoud√鬩; R.; Abbruzzese; G.; Terzoli
2014Biomass and respiration activity of soil microorganisms in anthropogenically transformed ecosystems (Moscow region)Ivashchenko , K. V.; Ananyeva , N. D.; Vasenev , V. I.; Kudeyarov , V. N.; Valentini, Riccardo 
2013Biomass growth rate of trees from cameroon based on 14C analysis and growth modelsTandoh , J. B.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Marzaioli, F.; Battipaglia, G.; Capano, M.; Castaldi, S.; Lasserre, B.; Marchetti, M.; Passariello, I.; Terrasi, F.
2015Calculating the water footprint of an agri-food company's supply chain: The mutti caseSantini, M.; Valentini, Riccardo 
2014Climate change impacts on vegetation and water cycle in the Euro-Mediterranean region, studied by a likelihood approachSantini, M.; Collalti, A.; Valentini, Riccardo 
2012Climate Change Threatens Coexistence within Communities of Mediterranean Forested WetlandsDi Paola, A.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Paparella, F.
2013Climate projection ensemble as support to water management and irrigation in NigeriaSantini, M.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Cervigni, R.
2013Comparison of approaches for reporting forest fire-related biomass loss and greenhouse gas emissions in southern EuropeChiriac Mv; Chiriac√≤ , M. V.; D'amato, E.; Bovio; G.; Perugini, L.; Cimini, D.; Damato, E.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Bovio, G.; Corona, Piermaria ; Barbati, Anna ; Chiriac, M. C.
2019Composition and turnover time of organic matter in soil fractions with different magnetic susceptibilityChiti, Tommaso ; Certini G; Marzaioli F; D’Acqui LP; Forte C; Castaldi S; Valentini, Riccardo 
2018Contribution and stability of forest-derived soil organic carbon during woody encroachment in a tropical savanna. A case study in GabonChiti Tommaso ; Rey A; Jeffery K; Lauteri M; Mihindou V; Malhi Y; Marzaioli F; White LJT; Valentini, Riccardo 
2013Corrigendum to " Development and testing of a novel lab-scale direct steam-injection apparatus to hydrolyse model and saline crop slurriesSanti, G.; D'annibale, A.; Petruccioli, M.; Crognale, S.; Ruzzi, M.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Moresi, M.
2014Current systematic carbon-cycle observations and the need for implementing a policy-relevant carbon observing system". BIOGEOSCIENCES,Ciais; Rayner; P. J.; Miller; C.; Gobron; N.; Kinderman; G.; Marland; Gruber; P.; Chevallier; F.; Andres; R. J.; Balsamo; Bopp; L.; Br√鬩on; -m, F.; Broquet; Dolman; Dargaville; Battin; T. J.; Borges; Bovensmann; H.; Buchwitz; M.; Butler; J.; A. J.; Canadell; J. G.; Cook; R. B.; Defries; Engelen; Gurney; K. R.; Heinze; Heimann; Bombelli; Held; Henry; Law; B.; Luyssaert; S.; Moriyama; T.; Moulin; Myneni; A.; Nussli; Obersteiner; Ojima; D.; Pan; Y.; Paris; -d, J.; Piao; S. L.; Duren; Poulter; Plummer; Quegan; Raymond; Reichstein; Rivier; Sabine; Schimel; Tarasova; O.; R.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Wang; Van Der Werf; Wickland; Williams; Zehner; Peregon
2014Data-based perfect-deficit approach to understanding climate extremes and forest carbon assimilation capacity". ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS,Wei; Wang; Liu; H.; Krakauer; N. Y.; W.; Desai; A. R.; Montagnani; L.; S.; Tha Paw, U.; K.; Falk; M.; Black; A.; Bernhofer; Gr√鬺nwald; Laurila; Cescatti; Yi; Moors; E.; Bracho; R.; Valentini, Riccardo ; C.; Hendrey; G.; Eaton; T.; Rustic
2016Discrimination of tropical forest types, dominant species, and mapping of functional guilds by hyperspectral and simulated multispectral Sentinel-2 dataVaglio Laurin, G.; Puletti, N.; Hawthorne, W.; Liesenberg, V.; Corona, P.; Papale, Dario ; Chen, Q.; Valentini, Riccardo 
2013Discrimination of vegetation types in alpine sites with ALOS PALSAR-, RADARSAT-2-, and lidar-derived informationVaglio Laurin, G.; Del Frate, F.; Pasolli, L.; Notarnicola, C.; Guerriero; Valentini, Riccardo 
2016Does degradation from selective logging and illegal activities differently impact forest resources? A case study in GhanaVaglio Laurin, G.; Grieco, E.; Pirotti, F.; Valentini, Riccardo ; Hawthorne Wd; Chiti; T.; Di Paola, A.; Cazzolla Gatti, R.; Marconi; S.; Noce, S.