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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20225S-IGS rDNA in wind-pollinated trees (Fagus L.) encapsulates 55 million years of reticulate evolution and hybrid origins of modern speciesCardoni, Simone; Piredda, Roberta; Denk, Thomas; Grimm, Guido W; Papageorgiou, Aristotelis C; Schulze, Ernst-Detlef; Scoppola, Anna ; Salehi Shanjani, Parvin; Suyama, Yoshihisa; Tomaru, Nobuhiro; Worth, James R P; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
2017A tree species range in the face of climate change: cork oak as a study case for the Mediterranean biomeVessella, Federico ; López-Tirado, Javier; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Schirone, Bartolomeo ; Hidalgo, Pablo J.
2013Application of plastid and nuclear markers to DNA barcoding of EuroMediterranean oaks (Quercus, Fagaceae)Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Piredda, R.; Papini, A.; Vessella, F.; Schirone, B.
2014Combining molecular (chloroplast markers) and fossil data to infer demography of Quercus cerris L. populations using a coalescent based approachBagnoli, F.; Fineschi, S.; Tsuda, Y.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Magri, D.; Vendramin Gg
2016Combining molecular and fossil data to infer demographic history of Quercus cerris: insights on European eastern glacial refugiaBagnoli, F.; Vendramin Gg; Tsuda, Y.; Fineschi, S.; Bruschi, P.; Magri, D.; Zehlev, P.; Paule, L.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Gonzlez-martnez Sc
2019Comment on “Eocene Fagaceae from Patagonia and Gondwana legacy in Asian rainforests”Denk, T.; Hill, Rs; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Cannon, C.; Dettmann, Me; Manos, Ps
2018Comparative systematics and phylogeography of Quercus Section Cerris in western EurasiaSimeone, Marco Cosimo ; Cardoni, S.; Piredda, R.; Imperatori, F.; Avishai, M.; Grimm Gw; Denk, T.
2022Complex Scenarios of Reticulation, Polyploidization, and Species Diversity within Annual Pansies of Subsect. Bracteolatae (Viola Sect. Melanium, Violaceae) in Italy: Insights from 5S-IGS High-Throughput Sequencing and Plastid DNA VariationScoppola, Anna ; Cardoni, Simone; Marcussen, Thomas; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
2022Corrigendum: ddRAD Sequencing-Based Identification of Genomic Boundaries and Permeability in Quercus ilex and Q. suber HybridsLópez de Heredia, Unai; Mora-Márquez, Fernando; Goicoechea, Pablo G; Guillardín-Calvo, Laura; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Soto, Álvaro
2020ddRAD sequencing-based identification of genomic boundaries and permeability in Quercus ilex and Q. suber hybridsLópez De Heredia, U.; Mora-márquez, F.; Goicoechea, Pg; Guillardín-calvo, L.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Soto, Á.
2015DNA barcode assessment of Mediterranean mayflies (Ephemeroptera), benchmark data for a regional reference library for rapid biomonitoring of freshwatersCardoni, S.; Tenchini, R.; Ficulle, I.; Piredda, R.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Belfiore, Carlo 
2018DNA barcoding and faunistic criteria for a revised taxonomy of Italian EphemeropteraTenchini, R.; Cardoni, S.; Piredda, R.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Belfiore, C.
2013DNA barcoding as a complementary tool for conservation and valorisation of forest resourcesLaiou, A.; Aconiti Mandolini, A.; Piredda, R.; Bellarosa, R.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
2015DNA Barcoding as an effective tool to complement Wetlands managementKirin, T.; Laiou, A.; Tomasino Mp; Piredda, R.; Saenz De Buruaga Aldave, L.; Schirone, B.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
2014DNA Barcoding of Italian Mayflies (Ephemeroptera)Cardoni, S.; Ficulle, I.; Tenchini, R.; Piredda, R.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Belfiore, C.
2017Estimating the genetic diversity and structure of Quercus trojana webb populations in Italy by SSRsCarabeo, M.; Mattioni, C.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Cherubini, M.; Mattia, C.; Chiocchini, F.; Bertini, Laura ; Caruso, C.; La Mantia, T.; Villani, F.
2020Genomic landscape of the global oak phylogenyHipp, Al; Fitz-gibbon, S.; Gailing, O.; Socorro González-elizondo, M.; González-rodríguez, A.; Grimm, Gw; Jiang, X-l; Kremer, A.; Lesur, I.; Mcvay, Jd; Plomion, C.; Manos, Ps; Rodríguez-correa, H.; Schulze, E-d; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Sork, Vl; Valencia-avalos, S.; Hahn, M.; Avishai, M.; Bodénès, C.; Cavender-bares, J.; Crowl, A.; Deng, M.; Denk, T.
2021High-throughput sequencing of 5S-IGS in oaks: Exploring intragenomic variation and algorithms to recognize target species in pure and mixed samplesPiredda, Roberta; Grimm, Guido W.; Schulze, Ernst-Detlef; Denk, Thomas; Simeone, Marco Cosimo 
2012Inferring the demographic history of Quercus cerris using chloroplast microsatellite markersBagnoli, F.; Tsuda, Y.; Fineschi, S.; Gonzalez-martinez, S.; Paule, L.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Vendramin Gg
2013Insights into the Taxus baccata Karyotype Based on Conventional and Molecular Cytogenetic AnalysesTomasino Mp; Gennaro, A.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Schirone, B.; Ceoloni, Carla