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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The Art of Fine DramaSaggini, Francesca 
1996Attraverso lo specchioSaggini, Francesca 
2009The Author‚Äôs Secret. Disguises of Epistolarity in Nineteenth-Century Mystery NarrativeSaggini, Francesca 
2011‚ÄòA Smile at Something Unseen‚Äô. The Structuring Principle in EmmaSaggini, Francesca 
2014‚Äô "Compared to These Italian Trills are Tame". One Hundred Years of Robert Burns in Italy‚ÄôSaggini, Francesca 
2003‚Äô not quite herself today.‚Äô (Re)constructions of Femininity in Sixties Popular CultureSaggini, Francesca 
2012‚ÄôThe Story Told Well‚ÄôSaggini, Francesca 
2005‚Äú ‚ÄòS√¨, viaggiare!‚Äô Il culto del mezzo di trasporto. Macchine e sensazione nell‚Äôimmaginario teatrale vittoriano‚ÄùSaggini, Francesca 
2009‚ÄúItalian Studies‚Äù, (Section V. ‚ÄúForeign Literatures and Languages‚Äù). Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography (ECCB). Volume 30 ‚Äì for 2004Saggini, Francesca 
2007‚ÄúMiss Ellis and the ActressSaggini, Francesca 
2006‚ÄúTransporting ScenesSaggini, Francesca 
2012Backstage in the Novel. Frances Burney and the Arts of the TheaterSaggini, Francesca 
2006Beautiful ProteusSaggini, Francesca 
2009Between Creation and Reception. Stage Appropriation as a Textual PracticeSaggini, Francesca 
2000Between Life and AfterSaggini, Francesca 
2007Censorship in the Theatre and CinemaSaggini, Francesca 
2013Contextual hauntingsSaggini, Francesca 
2010Contributions and reviews for the year 2006, sub-sectionSaggini, Francesca 
2011Contributions and reviews for the year 2007, sub-section ‚ÄúItalian Studies‚Äù, (Section V. ‚ÄúForeign Literatures and Languages‚Äù)Saggini, Francesca 
2012Contributions and reviews for the year 2008, sub-section ‚ÄúItalian Studies‚Äù, (Section V. ‚ÄúForeign Literatures and Languages‚Äù)Saggini, Francesca