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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A novel approach to evaluate the lung cancer risk of airborne particles emitted in a cityStabile, L.; Massimo, A.; Rizza, V.; D'Apuzzo, M.; Evangelisti, A.; Scungio, Mauro ; Frattolillo, A.; Cortellessa, G.; Buonanno, G.
2017Airborne particle emission of a commercial 3D printerStabile, L.; Scungio, Mauro ; Buonanno, G.; Arpino, F.; Ficco, G.
2017CFD simulations of power coefficients for an innovative Darrieus style vertical axis wind turbine with auxiliary straight bladesArpino, F.; Cortellessa, G.; Dellisola, M.; Scungio, Mauro ; Focanti, V.; Profili, M.; Rotondi
2021Characterization of aerosol and assessment of the risk of transmission of SARS-COV-2 VIRUS in a natural thermal caveScungio, Mauro ; Parlani, Giulia
2018Characterization of airborne particles emitted by an electrically heated tobacco smoking systemPacitto, A.; Stabile, L.; Scungio, Mauro ; Rizza, V.; Buonanno, G.
2017Characterization of particle emission from laser printersScungio, Mauro ; Vitanza Tania; Stabile Luca; Buonanno Giorgio; Morawska Lidia
2021Characterization of the bioaerosol in a natural thermal cave and assessment of the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virusScungio, Mauro ; Crognale, Silvia ; Lelli, Davide; Carota, Eleonora; CalabrĂ², Giuseppe 
2011Comparison of Different Flue Gas Treatment Sections in the Abatement of Ultrafine Particles Emitted by Waste Incinerators, 15th ETH Conference on Combustion Generated NanoparticlesBuonanno, G.; Scungio, Mauro ; Stabile, L.; Vigo, P.; Viola, A.
2015Correlazione dellesposizione dei pedoni allaerosol atmosferico in aree urbane in relazione alle pressioni antropiche mediante Geographic Information System (GIS)Massimo Angelamaria; Rizza Valeria; Buonanno Giorgio; Casale Anna; Frattolillo Andrea; Scungio, Mauro 
2015Detached eddy simulation of turbulent flow in isolated street canyons of different aspect ratiosScungio, Mauro ; Arpino Fausto; Cortellessa Gino; Buonanno Giorgio
2023Determining the filtration effectiveness of non-standard respiratory protective devices by an ad-hoc laboratory methodologyScungio, Mauro ; Parlani, Giulia
2020Effects of the flue gas treatment of incinerator plants on sub-micron particle concentrations at the stackStabile, L.; Scungio, Mauro ; Frattolillo, A.; Buonanno, G.
2011Emissioni di polveri ultrafini nei processi di cotturaBuonanno Giorgio; Fuoco Fernanda Carmen; Russi Aldo Giovanni Giuliano; Scungio, Mauro ; Stabile Luca
2017Exposure to particles emitted from biomass burning systems in indoorsStabile, Luca; Buonanno, Giorgio; Avino, Pasquale; Manigrasso, Maurizio; Scungio, Mauro 
2020Influence of methodology on the estimation of the particle surface area dose received by a population in all-day activitiesScungio, Mauro ; Rizza, Valeria; Stabile, Luca; Morawska, Lidia; Buonanno, Giorgio
2022Influence of the ventilation strategy on the respiratory droplets dispersion inside a coach bus: CFD approachScungio, Mauro ; Parlani, Giulia; Falcucci, Giacomo
2015Influential parameters on ultrafine particle concentration downwind at waste-to-energy plantsScungio, Mauro ; Buonanno Giorgio; Arpino Fausto; Ficco Giorgio
2011Linfluenza del sistema di abbattimento fumi nella filtrazione delle polveri ultrafini negli inceneritoriBuonanno, G.; Scungio, Mauro ; Stabile, L.; Vigo, P.; Tirler, W.
2016Lung cancer risk assessment at receptor site of a waste-to-energy plantScungio, Mauro ; Buonanno, G.; Stabile, L.; Ficco, G.
2018Lung cancer risk assessment due to traffic-generated particles exposure in urban street canyons: A numerical modelling approachScungio, Mauro ; Stabile, L; Rizza, V; Pacitto, A; Russi, A; Buonanno, G