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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Remote Sensing-Assisted Risk Rating Study to Monitor Pinewood Forest Decline: The Study Case of the Castelporziano State Nature Reserve (Rome)Recanatesi, Fabio ; Giuliani, Chiara; Rossi, Carlo Maria; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2020An innovative environmental risk assessment approach to a Mediterranean coastal forest: The Presidential Estate of Castelporziano (Rome) case studyRecanatesi, Fabio ; Giuliani, Chiara; Piccinno, Matteo; Cucca, Benedetta; Rossi, Carlo Maria; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2012Assessment of nitrose content in buffalo manure and land application costsFaugno, S.; Pindozzi, S.; Infascelli, R.; Collins, O.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Boccia, L.
2017Assessment of stormwater runoff management practices and BMPs under soil sealingRecanatesi, Fabio ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Ripa , M. N.; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2017Assessment of stormwater runoff management practices and BMPs under soil sealing: a study case in a peri-urban watershed of the metropolitan area of Rome (Italy)Recanatesi, Fabio ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Leone, Antonio 
2016The bioremediation of polluted areas as an opportunity to improve ecosystem servicesBoccia, L.; Capolupo, A.; Cervelli, E.; Pindozzi, S.; Rigillo, M.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2012CARATTTERIZZAZIONE E PERCEZIONE DEL PAESAGGIOArtemi, S.; Gobattoni, F.; Pelorosso, R.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2012CARICO ANTROPICO E SOSTENIBILITRecanatesi, Fabio ; Ripa , M. N.; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2019Day-Length Is Involved in Flooding Tolerance Response in Wild Type and Variant Genotypes of Rootstock Prunus cerasifera LIacona, Calogero; Pistelli, Laura; Cirilli, Marco; Gatti, Lorenzo; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Muleo, Rosario 
2012Detection and Mapping of Vegetation Changes Using GIS and Landsat TM Data in Areas of Prolonged WarRecanatesi, Fabio ; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Ripa , M. N. ; Vallino, F.; Orazie Vallino , F. C.
2013Detection of Landscape patterns in airborne LIDAR data in the Nature Reserve of Castelporziano (Rome)Recanatesi, Fabio ; Tolli; M.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Pelorosso; R.; Gobattoni; Leone; A.; Tolli, M.; Pelorosso, R.; Gobattoni, F.; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa , M. N.; Recanatesi; F.
2020Evaluating the Potential of Vegetation Indices in Detecting Drought Impact Using Remote Sensing Data in a Mediterranean PinewoodCucca, Benedetta; Recanatesi, Fabio ; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2013Evolution of some Mediterranean landscapes of Central Italy from historical aerial photographsRipa, Maria Nicolina ; Ripa , M. N.; Fillibeck, G.; Rossi , C. M.; Ciapanna; F.; Filibeck; G.; Gobattoni; Leone; Ciapanna, F.; A.; Pelorosso; R.; Piccinno; M.; Rossi; C. M.; Recanatesi; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Gobattoni, F.; Leone, Antonio ; Pelorosso, R.; Piccinno, M.; Rossi, C. M.; Recanatesi, Fabio 
2012Experimental evaluation of phosphorus export due to agricultural and forestry land use in Lake Vico basin (Central Italy)Recanatesi, Fabio ; Ripa , M. N. ; Leone, A.
2018Green Payment and Perceived Rural Landscape Quality: A Cost-Benefit Analysis in Central ItalyCortignani, Raffaele ; Gobattoni, Federica; Pelorosso, Raffaele; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2012Land Use and climate aggressiveness (R-USLE) in the evaluation of phosphorus export from non-point sources in the Lake Vico basin (CENTRAL ITALY)Recanatesi, Fabio ; Ripa , M. N. ; Leone, A.
2013Land use, climate and transport of nutrientsRecanatesi, Fabio ; Mn Ripa; Perini, L.; Salvati, L.; Leone, Antonio ; Ripa , M. N.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
2012Land-cover changes in areas of permanent conflictRecanatesi, F.; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Ripa, M. N. ; Vallino, F. C. O.
2012Landscape development scenario analysis by PANDORA modelPelorosso, R.; Gobattoni, F.; Menconi Me; Vizzari, M.; Grohmann, D.; Ripa, Maria Nicolina ; Leone, Antonio