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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of flow data of a well pumped at constant-head to determine the sustainable yieldPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Baiocchi, A.; Cozzolino, M.; Lotti, F.; Summa, G.
2012Caratterizzazione idrogeologica di rocce calcareo-silico-marnose attraverso rilievi di superficie delle discontinuit e prove di pompaggioLotti, F.; Baiocchi, A.; Donofrio, S.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2014Comparison of pumping at constant head and at a constant rate for determining the sustainable yield of a wellBaiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Piacentini Sm; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2012Conceptual Hydrogeological Model and Groundwater Resource Estimation in a Complex Hydrothermal AreaBaiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2014Dynamic Stackelberg game model for water rationalization in drought emercencyKicsiny, R.; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Scarelli, A.; Varga, Z.
2017Estimation of rock mass permeability using variation in hydraulic conductivity with depthPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Teskin, M.; Baiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Ayan Ea; Biler Ar; Ceyhan Ah; Cuylan, M.; Disli, E.; Kaharaman, S.
2014Flowpath 2014, National Meeting on Hydrogeology, Abstract VolumeBaiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Onofri, S.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2021Game-theoretical model for the sustainable use of thermal water resources: the case of Ischia volcanic Island (Italy)Kicsiny, Richárd; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Scarelli, Antonino; Varga, Zoltán
2020Groundwater flow in the Ischia volcanic island (Italy) and its implications for thermal water abstractionPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Lotti, F.; Formica, F.; Lana, L.; Pianese, L.
2018Hard-rock aquifer response to pumping and sustainable yield of wells in some areas of Mediterranean RegionBaiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Sammassimo, V.
2022Hydraulic properties of ignimbrites: matrix and fracture permeabilities in two pyroclastic flow deposits from Cimino-Vico volcanoes (Italy)Allocca, Vincenzo; Colantuono, Pasquale; Colella, Abner; Piacentini, Simone M.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2017Hydrochemical determination of source water contributions to Lake Lungo and Lake Ripasottile (central Italy)Claire Archer; Archer, C.; Noble, P.; Kreamer, D.; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Petitta, M.; Rosen Mr; Poulson Sr; Mensing, S.; Paula Noble; David Kreamer; Vincenzo Piscopo; Marco Petitta; Michael Rosen, R.; Simon Poulson, R.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Scott Mensing
2013Hydrogeological approach in sustainable management of thermal watersPiscopo, Vincenzo ; Baiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.
2018Hydrogeology of continental southern ItalyDe Vita, P.; Summa, G.; Tranfaglia, G.; Celico, P.; Allocca, V.; Celico, F.; Fabbrocino, S.; Mattia, C.; Monacelli, G.; Musilli, I.; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Scalise Ar
2013Impact of groundwater withdrawals on the interaction of multi-layered aquifers in the Viterbo geothermal area (central Italy)Baiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2015An Integrated Approach to Identify Water Resources for Human Consumption in an Area Affected by High Natural Arsenic ContentArmiento, G.; Proposito, M.; Veschetti, E.; Baiocchi, A.; Cremisini, C.; Crovato, C.; Lotti, F.; Lucentini, L.; Mazzuoli, M.; Nardi, E.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2019Introductory editorialCarreira, Pm; Marques, Jm; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2016Major ion and stable isotope geochemistry reveal source relationships between groundwater and surface waters in the Rieti BasinArcher, C.; Petitta, M.; Piscopo, Vincenzo ; Kreamer, D.; Noble, P.
2014Mineral waters of Castellammare di Stabia (Southern Italy)Lotti, F.; Baiocchi, A.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2015Multi-scale apporach in hydraulic characterization of hard-rock aquiferBaiocchi, A.; Dragoni, W.; Lotti, F.; Piacentini Sm; Piscopo, Vincenzo