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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Biological chemistry of organotin compoundsBuck-koehntop, B. A.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Lewin, J. L.; Cramer, C. J.; Veglia, G.
2002Black Hole Thermodynamics. A Classical Non-Equilibrium ApproachPorcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.
1994Cholinesterase Based Bioreactor for the Determination of PesticidesBotr, F.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Simonetti, G.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Botr, C.; Scibona, G.
2017Conformational landscape of the protein kinase A Inhibitor PKI studied by fluorescence and NMR spectroscopyOlivieri, C.; Li, G.; Kim, J.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Neibergall, M.; Muretta Jm; Thomas Dd; Taylor Ss; Veglia, G.
2003Conformational Preferences of the Amylin Nucleation Site in SDS MicellesMascioni, A.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Ilangovan, U.; Ramamoorthy, A.; Veglia, G.
2021Defective internal allosteric network imparts dysfunctional ATP/substrate-binding cooperativity in oncogenic chimera of protein kinase AOlivieri, Cristina; Walker, Caitlin; Karamafrooz, Adak; Wang, Yingjie; Manu, V S; Porcelli, Fernando ; Blumenthal, Donald K; Thomas, David D; Bernlohr, David A; Sandford, Simon M; Taylor, Susan S; Veglia, Gianluigi
2006Defining the Intramembrane Binding Mechanism of Sarcolipin to Calcium ATPase Using Solution NMR SpectroscopyBuffy, J. J.; Buck-koehntop, B.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Traaseth, N. J.; Thomas, D. D.; Veglia, G.
2018Design and characterization of chionodracine-derived antimicrobial peptides with enhanced activity against drug-resistant human pathogensOlivieri, Cristina; Bugli, Francesca; Menchinelli, Giulia; Veglia, Gianluigi; Buonocore, Francesco ; Scapigliati, Giuseppe ; Stocchi, Valentina; Ceccacci, Francesca; Papi, Massimiliano; Sanguinetti, Maurizio; Porcelli, Fernando 
1992Determination of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Activity and Inhibition by an H2O2-sensing Glutamic Acidi Oxidase BiosensorBotr, C.; Botr, F.; Galli, M.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Porcelli, Fernando 
1993Determination of L-Glutamate and L-Glutamine in Pharmaceutical Formulations by Amperometric L-Glutamate Oxidase Based Enzyme SensorsBotr, F.; Botr, C.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.
2006Effect of non-covalent interactions on redox-active tyrosine residues in designed beta hairpin polypeptidesSibert Rs; Porcelli, Fernando ; Veglia, G.; Barry Ba
2019Fish-derived antimicrobial peptides: Activity of a chionodracine mutant against bacterial models and human bacterial pathogensBuonocore, Francesco ; Picchietti, Simona ; Porcelli, Fernando ; Della Pelle, Giulia; Olivieri, Cristina; Poerio, Elia ; Bugli, Francesca; Menchinelli, Giulia; Sanguinetti, Maurizio; Bresciani, Alberto; Gennari, Nadia; Taddei, Anna Rita; Fausto, Anna Maria ; Scapigliati, Giuseppe 
2011Gravity and relativity effects on reaction-diffusion systemsPorcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.
1992Influence of the Enzymatic Membrane on the Analytical performance of Amperometric Glutamic Acid Biosensors" in "Trends in Electrochemical BiosensorsBotr, C.; Lorenti, G.; Botr, F.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.
1996A Kinetic Analysis of gamma-Aminobutyrate Aminotransferase in Presence and Absence of InhibitorsPorcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.; Botre, F.; Lorenti, G.; Mazzei, F.; Botre, C.
1999The Kinetic Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase from Human Herytrocyte by Tacrine and some Tacrine DerivativesPorcelli, Fernando ; Delfini, M.; Del Giudice, M. R.
2014Large-scale Structure Formation via Quantum Fluctuations and Gravitational instabilityPorcelli, Fernando ; Scibona, G.
2020Multi-state recognition pathway of the intrinsically disordered protein kinase inhibitor by protein kinase AOlivieri, Cristina; Wang, Yingjie; Li, Geoffrey C; V S, Manu; Kim, Jonggul; Stultz, Benjamin R; Neibergall, Matthew; Porcelli, Fernando ; Muretta, Joseph M; Thomas, David Dt; Gao, Jiali; Blumenthal, Donald K; Taylor, Susan S; Veglia, Gianluigi
2003An NMR spectroscopy study of bendalinealbumin interactionsDelfini, M.; Bianchetti, C.; Di Cocco, M. E.; Pescosolido, N.; Porcelli, Fernando ; R.; Rugo, G.
2016NMR Structure and Conformational Dynamics of AtPDFL2.1, a Defensin-like Peptide from Arabidopsis thalianaOmidvar, R.; Xia, Y.; Porcelli, Fernando ; Bohlmann, H.; Veglia, G.