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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A 15th Century Polychromatic Wooden Statue by Francesco of Valdambrino. The scientific investigation and preservation challengesBaraldi, P.; Cuozzo, V.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Pelosi, Claudia 
2019The 16th century tryptic of Santa Liberata: diagnostics and restorationAvanzati, D.; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Saccuman, R.; Agresti, G.; Faieta, R.; Caliano, E.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Angela; Caliano Eduardo, E.
20212D and 3D ultraviolet fluorescence applications on cultural heritage paintings and objects through a low-cost approach for diagnostics and documentationLanteri, Luca ; Pelosi, Claudia 
20183D model and ultraviolet fluorescence rendering: a methodological approach for the study of a wooden reliquary bustLanteri, Luca ; Agresti, Giorgia; Pelosi, Claudia 
20233D Photogrammetric Survey, Raking Light Photography and Mapping of Degradation Phenomena of the Early Renaissance Wall Paintings by Saturnino Gatti—Case Study of the St. Panfilo Church in Tornimparte (L’Aquila, Italy)Lanteri, Luca ; Calandra, Sara; Briani, Francesca; Germinario, Chiara; Izzo, Francesco; Pagano, Sabrina; Pelosi, Claudia ; Santo, Alba Patrizia
2012The 6th century A.D. floor mosaic of the church of Kk Tavan Adas (Bodrum). Characterization of the constitutive materials, finding of the quarries of originPelosi, Claudia ; Santamaria, U.
2023A Hydroalcoholic Gel-Based Disinfection System for Deteriogenic Fungi on the Contemporary Mixed Media Artwork Poesia by Alessandro KokocinskiAmbroselli, Francesca; Canini, Fabiana; Lanteri, Luca ; Marconi, Martina; Mazzuca, Claudia; Pelosi, Claudia ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Wicks, Elizabeth; Zucconi Galli Fonseca, Laura 
2018A methodological approach to study the stability of selected watercolours for painting reintegration, through reflectance spectrophotometry, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imagingPelosi, Claudia ; Capobianco, Giuseppe; Agresti, Giorgia; Bonifazi, Giuseppe; Morresi, Fabio; Rossi, Sara; Santamaria, Ulderico ; Serranti, Silvia
2016A multi-analytical approach applied to the archaeometric study of mortars from the Forty Martyrs rupestrian complex in Cappadocia (Turkey)La Russa, Mauro Francesco; Rovella, Natalia; Pelosi, Claudia ; Rossi, Daniele; Benucci, Michele; Romagnoli, Giuseppe ; Bonino, Valentina Emanuela Selva; Casoli, Antonella; Ruffolo, Silvestro Antonio
2017A multi-analytical approach to the study of the mural paintings of the in the presbytery of Santa Maria Antiqua al Foro Romano in RomeAmato, Silvia Rita; Bersani, Danilo; Lottici, Pier Paolo; Pogliani, Paola ; Pelosi, Claudia 
2021A multi-analytical study of an ancient egyptian limestone stele for knowledge and conservation purposes: Recovering hieroglyphs and figurative details by image analysisCavaleri, Tiziana; Legnaioli, Stefano; Lozar, Francesca; Comina, Cesare; Poole, Federico; Pelosi, Claudia ; Spaladore, Alessia; Castelli, Daniele; Palleschi, Vincenzo
2022A Multi-Instrument Analysis of the Late 16th Canvas Painting, “Coronation of the Virgin with the Saints Ambrose and Jerome”, Attributed to the Tuscany-Umbria Area to Support the Possibility of Bio-Cleaning Using a Bacteria-Based SystemAnnarilli, Sofia; Casoli, Antonella; Colantonio, Claudia; Lanteri, Luca ; Marseglia, Angela; Pelosi, Claudia ; Sottile, Sabrina
2021A Multi-Technique Approach to Evaluate the Surface Properties of Heat-Treated Chestnut Wood Finished with a Water-Based CoatingPelosi, Claudia ; Rubino, Gianluca ; Capobianco, G. ; Lanteri, Luca ; Agresti, G. ; Bonifazi, G. ; Serranti, S. ; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2021A multi-technique approach to evaluate the surface properties of heat-treated chestnut wood finished with a water-based coatingPelosi, Claudia ; Rubino, Gianluca ; Capobianco, Giuseppe; Lanteri, Luca; Agresti, Giorgia; Bonifazi, Giuseppe; Serranti, Silvia; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Lo Monaco, Angela 
2017A new approach for the modelling of chestnut wood photo-degradation monitored by different spectroscopic techniquesBonifazi, Giuseppe; Calienno, Luca; Capobianco, Giuseppe; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Pelosi, Claudia ; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Serranti, Silvia
2019A new practical approach for 3D documentation in ultraviolet fluorescence and infrared reflectography of polychromatic sculptures as fundamental step in restorationLanteri, Luca ; Agresti, G. ; Pelosi, Claudia 
2018A polychrome Mukozuke (1624–1644) porcelain offers a new hypothesis on the introduction of European enameling technology in JapanMontanari, Riccardo; Alberghina, Maria Francesca; Municchia Casanova, Annalaura; Massa, Emanuela; Pelagotti, Anna; Pelosi, Claudia ; Schiavone, Salvatore; Sodo, Armida
2023“A Woman Clothed with the Sun”: The Diagnostic Study and Testing of Enzyme-Based Green Products for the Restoration of an Early 17th Century Wall Painting in the Palazzo Gallo in Bagnaia (Italy)Colantonio, Claudia; Lanteri, Luca ; Bocci, Ramona; Valentini, Valeria; Pelosi, Claudia 
2021Advanced documentation methodologies combined with multi-analytical approach for the preservation and restoration of 18th century architectural decorative elements at Palazzo Nuzzi in Orte (Central Italy)Groppi, Francesca; Vigliotti, Davide; Lanteri, Luca ; Agresti, G. ; Casoli, Antonella; Laureti, Stefano ; Ricci, Marco; Pelosi, Claudia 
2012The Altar Machine in the church Mother of Gangi (Palermo, ITALY)Lo Monaco, Angela ; Marabelli, M.; Pelosi, Claudia ; Salvo, M.