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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A 4M Approach for a Comprehensive Analysis and Improvement of Manual Assembly LinesFavi, C.; Germani, M.; Marconi, Marco 
2020A critical review of symbiosis approaches in the context of Industry 4.0Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco ; ScafĂ , Martina
2022A Design for De-manufacturing Methodology to Improve the Product End of Life Environmental SustainabilityRossi, Marta; Cappelletti, Federica; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, Michele
2019A design for disassembly tool oriented to mechatronic product de-manufacturing and recyclingFavi, Claudio; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, Michele; Mandolini, Marco
2017A design for EoL approach and metrics to favour closed-loop scenarios for productsFavi, Claudio; Germani, Michele; Luzi, Andrea; Mandolini, Marco; Marconi, Marco 
2019A Digitally-enabled Integrated Approach to Design and Manufacture Shoe LastsMarconi, Marco ; Manieri, Steve; Germani, Michele; Raffaeli, Roberto
2020A Knowledge Repository to Support Ecodesign Implementation in Manufacturing CompaniesRossi, Marta; Marconi, Marco ; Menghi, Roberto; Papetti, Alessandra
2019A method for lean energy assessment of manufacturing systemsDi Domizio, Giulia; Menghi, Roberto; Papetti, Alessandra; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
2014A method for the estimation of the economic and ecological sustainability of production linesGermani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Marilungo Eugenia
2019A multi-criteria index to support ecodesign implementation in manufacturing products: benefits and limits in real case studiesRossi, Marta; Papetti, Alessandra; Marconi, Marco ; Germani, Michele
2022A Numerical Model for Simulating the Selective Laser Melting of Closed ImpellersMandolini, Marco; Santucci, Federica; Cicconi, Paolo; Santecchia, Eleonora; Germani, Michele; Palladino, Marco; Favi, Claudio; Marconi, Marco 
2017A Software Tool for the Analysis and Management of Resource Consumptions and Environmental Impacts of Manufacturing PlantsFavi Claudio; Germani Michele; Mandolini Marco; Marconi, Marco 
2019A standard data model for life cycle analysis of industrial products: A support for eco-design initiativesMandolini, Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Rossi, Marta; Favi, Claudio; Germani, Michele
2021A sustainable manufacturing tool for the analysis and management of resource consumption within production processesMarconi, Marco ; Menghi, Roberto
2019An Analytical Cost Estimation Approach for Generic Sheet Metal 3D ModelsMandolini, Marco; Favi, Claudio; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco ; Raffaeli, Roberto
2016An approach to foster eco-design in 'traditional' companies without eco-knowledgeGermani, Michele; Mandolini, Marco; Marconi, Marco ; Mengarelli, Marco; Mengoni, Maura; Rossi, Marta
2020An Augmented Reality System for Operator Training in the Footwear SectorRossi, Marta; Papetti, Alessandra; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
2020An energy assessment method for SMEs: case study of an Italian mechanical workshopMenghi, Roberto; Di Domizio, Giulia; Papetti, Alessandra; Germani, Michele; Marconi, Marco 
2019An Innovative Framework for Managing the Customization of Tailor-made ShoesMarconi, Marco ; Papetti, Alessandra; ScafĂ , Martina; Rossi, Marta; Germani, Michele
2014An integrated approach and IT platform to optimize electric motor engineering and designMarconi, Marco ; Favi, Claudio; Germani, Michele; Mengoni, Maura