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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Brezis-Oswald approach for mixed local and nonlocal operatorsBiagi, Stefano; Mugnai, Dimitri ; Vecchi, Eugenio
2022A priori estimates for the fractional p−laplacian with nonlocal neumann boundary conditions and applicationsMugnai, Dimitri ; Perera, Kanishka; Lippi, Edoardo Proietti
2012Addendum toMugnai, Dimitri 
2007Almost uniqueness result for reversed variational inequalitiesMugnai, Dimitri 
2005Asymptotic behaviour, nodal lines and symmetry properties for solutions of superlinear elliptic equations near an eigenvalueMugnai, Dimitri 
2002Asymptotical multiplicity and some reversed variational inequalitiesMarino, A.; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2002Asymptotically critical points and their multiplicityMarino, A.; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2003Bounce on a $p$-LaplacianMugnai, Dimitri 
2016The Brezis-Oswald Result for Quasilinear Robin ProblemsFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri ; Papageorgiou Nikolaos, S.
2013Carleman estimates and observability inequalities for parabolic equations with interior degeneracyFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2017Carleman estimates for singular parabolic equations with interior degeneracy and non-smooth coefficientsFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2016Carleman estimates, observability inequalities and null controllability for interior degenerate non smooth parabolic equationsFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2021Control of Degenerate and Singular Parabolic EquationsFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2019Controllability of degenerate and singular parabolic problems: The double strong case with Neumann boundary conditions. OPUSCULA MATHEMATICA. ROCZNIK AKADEMIA GÓRNICZO-HUTNICZA IMFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2018Controllability of strongly degenerate parabolic problems with strongly singular potentialsFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2021Corrigendum and Improvements to “Carleman Estimates, Observability Inequalities and Null Controllability for Interior Degenerate Nonsmooth Parabolic Equations” and Its ConsequencesFragnelli, Genni ; Mugnai, Dimitri 
2004Coupled KleinGordon and BornInfeld-type equationsMugnai, Dimitri 
2003Disequazioni variazionali inverse e punti asintoticamente criticiMugnai, Dimitri 
2020Energy allocation and payment: a game-theoretic approachGiuliodori, Paolo; Bistarelli, Stefano; Mugnai, Dimitri 
1996Estimating the Resolvent of Elliptic Second-Order Partial Differential OperatorsMugnai, Dimitri ; Talenti, G.