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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Agronomic performance and beer quality assessment of twenty hop cultivars grown in Central ItalyFrancesco Rossini; Paolo Loreti; Maria Elena Provenzano; De Santis, Diana ; Roberto Ruggeri; Loreti, P.; Provenzano Me
2022Bioactivity and chemical profile of Rubus idaeus L. leaves steam-distillation extractDe Santis, Diana ; Carbone Katya; Garzoli Stefania; Laghezza Masci Valentina; Turchetti Giovanni
2017Biochemical markers for enological potentiality in a grapevine aromatic variety under different soil typesDe Santis, Diana ; Frangipane, Maria Teresa ; Brunori, Elena ; Cirigliano, Pasquale; Biasi, Rita 
2016Biodiversit nella produzione di Aglio Rosso di Castelliri e Aglio Rosso di Proceno, attraverso la valutazione morfologica, sensoriale e funzionaleDe Santis, Diana ; Costanza, M. T.; Taviani, P.; Frangipane (2016), M. T.
2020Citrus aurantium L.: Cultivar impact on sensory profileDe Santis, Diana ; Frangipane, Maria Teresa 
2017Control of environmental parameters in postharvest partial dehydration of wine grapes reduces water stressBellincontro, Andrea ; Prosperi, P.; De Santis, Diana ; Botondi, Rinaldo ; Mencarelli, F.; Andrea Bellincontro; Paolo Prosperi; Rinaldo Botondi; Fabio Mencarelli
2022Effect of aging pit on volatile compounds and sensory attributes of traditional Italian Fossa cheeseDe Santis, Diana ; Fidaleo, Marcello 
2012Effect of drying process in chamber at controlled temperature on the grape phenolic compoundsFrangipane, M. T.; Torresi, S.; De Santis, Diana ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Frangipane , M. T.
2021Effect of gaseous ozone treatment on the aroma and clove rot by Fusarium proliferatum during garlic postharvest storageDe Santis, Diana ; Garzoli, Stefania; Vettraino, Anna Maria 
2021Effect of gaseous ozone treatment on the aroma and clove rot by Fusarium proliferatum during garlic postharvest storageDe Santis, Diana ; Garzoli, Stefania; Vettraino, Anna Maria 
2020Effect of Konjac Glucomannan (KGM) Addition on the Sensory Characteristics, the Cooking Properties and the Glycemic Index of Special Fresh PastaDe Santis, Diana ; Frangipane, Maria Teresa 
2020Effect of β-glucan enrichment on the sensory properties of fresh egg white pastaDe Santis, Diana ; Moresi, Mauro ; Cimini, Alessio 
2017Evaluation of chemical composition and sensory profile in Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L) tubersDe Santis, Diana ; Maria Teresa Frangipane
2014Extra virgin olive oil quality and consumer perceptionsDe Santis, Diana ; Ruggieri, Alessandro ; Silvestri, Cecilia ; Poponi, S.; Poponi, A.
2022Hydrolates: Characteristics, Properties, and Potential Uses in the Food IndustryDe Santis, Diana ; Turchetti Giovanni
2019Improvement of the Sensory Characteristics of Goat Milk YogurtDe Santis, Diana ; Giacinti, Giuseppina; Chemello, Giulia; Frangipane, Maria Teresa 
2007Influence of oak woods of different geographical origins on quality of wines aged in barriques and using oak chipsFrangipane, Maria Teresa ; De Santis, Diana ; Ceccarelli, Antonella
2017Replacement of nitrates and nitrites by plant extracts in Italian pork salamiDanieli , P. P.; Rossana Roila; Riccardo Primi; Maria Frangipane, T.; Bruno Ronchi; Valiani, A.; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Frangipane Mt; De Santis, Diana ; Valiani, V.; Roila, R.; Primi, Riccardo ; Frangipane , M. T.; Ronchi, Bruno ; Pier Paolo Danieli; Andrea Valiani