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2021A complex networks approach to pension fundsD'Arcangelis, Anna Maria ; Levantesi, Susanna; Rotundo, Giulia
2019A complex networks approach to pension fundsD'arcangelis, A. ; Levantesi, Susanna; Rotundo, Giulia
2016Complex networks in financeD'Arcangelis, Anna Maria ; Rotundo, Giulia
2021COVID-19 and Distance Learning: an Italian Survey of the Effects on EFL Teaching and Learning during the PandemicRomagnuolo, Anna ; D'arcangelis, A. 
2015Economic relevance of concentration for emerging markets funds performanceD'Arcangelis, Anna Maria ; Galloppo, Giuseppe 
2019Herding in mutual funds: A complex network approachD'arcangelis, A. ; Rotundo, Giulia
2019Systemic Risk of Non Performing Loans Market. The Italian Case.D'Arcangelis, Anna Maria ; Rotundo, Giulia
2018VBA PER LA FINANZA. Tassi di interesse, gestione del portafoglio, derivati.D'Arcangelis, Anna Maria ; Patacchini Silvia; Felice Bruno