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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A 3D soil-like nanostructured fabric for the development of bacterial biofilms for agricultural and environmental usesDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Di Mattia, Elena ; Zussman, Eyal; Macagnano, Antonella
2019A study on the dependence of bacteria adhesion on the polymer nanofibre diameterDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Di Mattia, Elena ; Zussman, Eyal; Macagnano, Antonella
2020A sustainable model for agriculture based on nanofibrous biodegradable polymers mimicking natural strategiesMacagnano, Antonella; Mari, Massimo; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; De Cesare, Fabrizio 
2011Biomimetic sensing layer based on electrospun conductive polymer websZampetti, Emiliano; Pantalei, Simone; Scalese, Silvia; Bearzotti, Andrea; De Cesare, Fabrizio ; Spinella, Corrado; Macagnano, Antonella
2017CdSe/ZnS-TiO2 nanofibers: a suitable combination for a low cost and effective sensor devicePerri, V.; Zampetti, E.; Richichi, B.; Pirrone, N.; De Cesare, Fabrizio ; Macagnano, A.
2020Characteristics and Performances of a Nanostructured Material for Passive Samplers of Gaseous HgJoshua Avossa; Fabrizio De Cesare ; Paolo Papa; Emiliano Zampetti; Andrea Bearzotti; Marcello Marelli; Nicola Pirrone; Antonella Macagnano
2009Comparison between sensing systems for ammonium detection and measurement in soilDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Zampetti, Emiliano; Pantalei, Simone; Macagnano, Antonella
2020Design and Development of Nanostructured Thin FilmsMacagnano, Antonella; De Cesare, Fabrizio ; Cavaliere, Sara
2013Detection and monitoring of volatile and semivolatile pollutants in soil through different sensing strategiesDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Macagnano, A.
2020Developing 3D polymer nanostructured fabric as a soil-like model for studying interactions between microorganisms and soil structure - The case of bacterial biofilm developmentDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Di Mattia, Elena ; Macagnano, Antonella
2017Development of Smart Nanofibrous Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) Biofilms for Agricultural ApplicationsDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Di Mattia, E.; Macagnano, A.
2008Electronic nose and SPME techniques to monitor phenanthrene biodegradation in soilDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Pantalei, Simone; Zampetti, Emiliano; Macagnano, Antonella
2015Electrospinning for Air Pollution ControlMacagnano, A.; Zampetti, E.; Bearzotti, A.; De Cesare, Fabrizio 
2014Electrospinning in AgricultureDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Macagnano, A.
2016Electrospinning Nano-Fibers Supports for Enzymes to Remediate WastewatersDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Berezkinova, L.; Pelcl, M.; Blahova, T.; Vinciguerra, V.; Macagnano, A.
2015Electrospinning-Based NanobiosensorsDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Macagnano, A.
2017Electrospinning: A versatile technology to design biosensors and sensors for diagnosticsMacagnano, A.; De Cesare, Fabrizio 
2015Electrospun Au-doped-TiO2nanofibers as potential sensor for detecting elemental mercury in airMacagnano, A.; Zampetti, E.; Bearzotti, A.; De Cesare, Fabrizio ; Sprovieri, F.; Pirrone, N.
2016Electrospun Nanofibrous Scaffolds as Tools to lmprove Crop Yields in AgricultureDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Macagnano, A.
2013Electrospun smart fabrics towards wearable sensorsZampetti, E.; De Cesare, Fabrizio ; Bearzotti, A.; Macagnano, A.