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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Antifungal activity of Vitex agnus-castus extract against Pythium ultimum in tomato≈†vecová, E.; Proietti, S.; Caruso, Carla ; Colla, Giuseppe ; Crin√≤, P.
2013Crosstalk between salicylic acid and jasmonate in Arabidopsis investigated by an integrated proteomic and transcriptomic approachProietti, Silvia ; Bertini; L.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Zolla; C.; Caruso; Timperio; A. M.; Bertini, Laura ; Zolla, Lello ; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.; Proietti; S.
2013Deepening TOL and TOU catabolic pathways of Pseudomonas sp. OX1: cloning, sequencing and characterization of the lower pathwaysBertini, L.; Cafaro, V.; Proietti, S.; Caporale, C.; Capasso, P.; Caruso, Carla ; Di Donato, A.
2016The G-quadruplex ligand EMICORON potentiates the antitumor efficacy of chemotherapy on colon cancer experimental modelsPorru, M.; Artuso, S.; Pompili, L.; Caruso, Carla ; Bianco, A.; Mottolese, M.; Amoreo Ca; Biroccio, A.; Leonetti, L.
2016Genetic diversity and structure of Quercus trojana populations in ItalyMattioni, C.; Mattia, C.; Carabeo, M.; Simeone Mc; Caruso, Carla ; Bertini, Laura ; Cherubini, M.; Chiocchini, F.; Mattia; Villani, F.
2019GLYI4 Plays A Role in Methylglyoxal Detoxification and Jasmonate-Mediated Stress Responses in Arabidopsis thalianaProietti, Silvia ; Falconieri, Gaia Salvatore; Bertini, Laura ; Baccelli, Ivan; Paccosi, Elena; Belardo, Antonio; Timperio, Anna Maria; Caruso, Carla 
2016The influence of global warming on Colobanthus quitensis reproductionBertini, Laura ; Focaracci, F.; Canini, F.; Proietti, S.; Onofri, S.; Caruso, Carla 
2015Laser microdissection of grapevine leaves highlights site-specific transcriptional changes at the early stages of downy mildew infectionLenzi, L.; Caruso, Carla ; Bianchedi Pl; Pertot, I.; Perazzolli, M.
2015Laser microdissection of grapevine leaves reveals site-specific regulation of transcriptional response to Plasmopara viticola. PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY,Lenzi, L.; Caruso, Carla ; Bianchedi Pl; Ilaria Pertot, I.; Perazzolli, M.
2012Making sense out of SA/JA phytohormones signalling during plant defence by proteomic and transcriptomic approachProietti, S.; Bertini, Laura ; Timperio Am; Zolla, L.; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
2014Methyl Jasmonate as priming agent in riceSabatini, B.; Bertini, Laura ; Proietti, S.; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
2016Miming global warmingBertini, L.; Focaracci, F.; Canini, F.; Proietti, S.; Onofri, S.; Caruso, Carla 
2012Modular structure of HEL protein from Arabidopsis reveals new potential functions for PR-4 proteinsBertini, Laura ; Proietti, S.; Aleandri , M. P.; Mondello, F.; Sandini, S.; Caporale, C.; Caruso, Carla ; Aleandri Mp
2013New insight into innate immunity in Arabidopsis: discovery of a LOS signalling network by multidisciplinary approachesProietti, S.; Bertini, L.; Amoresano, A.; Giangrande, C.; Caporale, C.; Caruso, Carla 
2016Patient-derived Xenografts: a relevant preclinical model for drug developmentPompili, L.; Porru, M.; Caruso, Carla ; Biroccio, A.; Leonetti, C.
2013Plant phytohormones as priming agents in riceSabatini, B.; Bertini, Laura ; Proietti, S.; Caporale; Caruso, Carla ; Caporale, C.
2013PR4 protein from Arabidopsis: its role on plant defence and its potential biotechnological useProietti, S.; Bertini, L.; Mondello, F.; Girolamo, A.; Cassone, A.; Caporale, C.; Caruso, Carla 
2012PR4 protein from Arabidopsis: New insight on the biological activity of its functional domainsProietti, S.; Bertini, L.; Aleandri Mp; Caporale, C.; Caruso, Carla 
2015Priming of Oryza sativa induced by methil jasmonate: genetic and epigenetic studiesSabatini, B.; Bertini, L.; Caruso, Carla 
2016Suppression Subtractive Hybridization analysis provides new insights into the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) response to the probiotic microorganism Trichoderma longibrachiatum MK1De Palma, M.; D'agostino, N.; Proietti, S.; Bertini, L.; Lorito, M.; Ruocco, M.; Caruso, Carla ; Chiusano Ml; Tucci, M.