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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Analysis of gene expression induced by ozone in durum wheatPaoalcci, A. R.; Acampora, A.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Porceddu, E.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G. T.; Nali, C.; Lorenzini, G.; Badiani, M.; Ciaffi, Mario 
1995Breadbaking potential of durum wheat lines expressing both x- and y-type subunits at the Glu-A1 locusCiaffi, Mario ; Lafiandra, D.; Turchetta, T.; Ravaglia, S.; Bariana, H.; Gupta, R.; Macritchie, F.
2014Cadmium exposure affects iron acquisition in barley (Hordeum vulgare) seedlingsAstolfi, S.; Ortolani Mr; Catarcione, G.; Paolacci Ar; Cesco, S.; Pinton, R.; Ciaffi, Mario 
2013Cadmium exposure affects iron acquisition in barley seedlingsAstolfi, S.; Ortolani Mr; Paolacci Ar; Cesco, S.; Pinton, R.; Ciaffi, Mario 
2013Cd EXPOSURE AFFECTS Fe ACQUISITION IN BARLEY SEEDLINGSAstolfi, S.; Ortolani Mr; Paolacci Ar; Cesco, S.; Pinton, R.; Ciaffi, Mario 
2012Changes in sulfur assimilation pathway induced by S and Fe deficiency in wheat seedlingsPaolacci Ar; Ciaffi, Mario ; Catarcione, G.; Celletti, S.; Astolfi, S.
2009Changes of cytochemistry and gene expression in apple plants recovered from apple proliferation diseasePaolacci, A. R.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Tanzarella, O. A.; Polizzotto, R.; Tubaro, F.; Mizzau, M.; Ermacora, P.; Osler, R.; Musetti, R.
2003Characterization of cDNA sequences differentially expressed in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) spikeletsCiaffi, Mario ; Paolacci, A. R.; Acampora, A.; Tanzarella; Porceddu, E.
1999Chromosomal assignement of gene sequences coding for protein disulphide isomerase (PDI) in wheatCiaffi, Mario ; Dominici, L.; Tanzarella Oa; Porceddu, E.
2012Cloning and characterization of the homoeologous genes encoding the protein TaPDIL5 in bread wheatCiaffi, Mario ; Paolacci Ar; Catarcione, G.; Tanzarella Oa
2003Cloning and characterization of three homoeologous genes encoding PDI (Protein Disulfide Isomerase) and their promoter sequences in wheatCiaffi, Mario ; Zanotti, A.; Paolacci, A. R.; Daloisio, E.; Tanzarella; Porceddu, E.
2011CLONING AND CHARACTERIZATION OF THREE HOMOEOLOGOUS WHEAT PDI-LIKE GENES LOCATED ON GROUP 5 CHROMOSOMESPaolacci, A. R.; Giancaspro, A.; Gadaleta, A.; Pacelli, A.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Blanco, A.; Ciaffi, Mario 
2006Cloning and characterization of wheat PDI (protein disulfide isomerase) homoeologous genes and promoter sequencesCiaffi, Mario ; Paolacci, A. R.; Daloisio, E.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Porceddu, E.
2018Conservation of veteran trees within historical gardens (COVE)Ciaffi, Mario ; Alicandri, E.; Vettraino Am; Paolacci Ar; Tamantini, M.; Tomao, A.; Agrimi, M.; Kuzminsky, E.
2018Conservation of veteran trees within historical gardens (COVE): a case study applied to Platanus orientalis L. in central ItalyCiaffi, Mario ; Alicandri, Enrica; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Paolacci, Anna Rita; Tamantini, Matilde; Tomao, Antonio; Agrimi, Mariagrazia ; Kuzminsky, Elena 
2018CorrectionPaolacci Ar; Catarcione, G.; Ederli, L.; Zadra, C.; Pasqualini, S.; Badiani, M.; Musetti, R.; Santi, S.; Ciaffi, Mario 
2018Data set useful for the micropropagation and the assessment of post-vitro genetic fidelity of veteran trees of P. orientalis LKuzminsky, Elena ; Alicandri, Enrica; Agrimi, Mariagrazia ; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Ciaffi, Mario 
2013DIFFERENTIALLY-REGULATED DEFENCE GENES IN MALUS DOMESTICA DURING PHYTOPLASMA INFECTION AND RECOVERYMusetti, R.; Osler, R.; Farham, K.; De Marco, F.; Polizzotto, R.; Paolacci, A. R.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Ermacora, P.; Grisan, S.; Santi, S.
2004Ecophysiological and biochemical strategies of response to ozone in mediterranean evergreen broadleaf speciesNali, C.; Paoletti Marabottini, E. R.; Della Rocca, G.; Lorenzini, G.; Paolacci, A. R.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Badiani, M.
2016The effect of excess sulfate supply on iron accumulation in three graminaceous plants at the early vegetative phaseCelletti, S.; Paolacci Ar; Mimmo, T.; Pii, Y.; Cesco, S.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Astolfi, Stefania