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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Tutor
2013Assessing and mapping biomass potential productivity from poplar-dominated riparian forests: A case studyCartisano, Rosaria; Mattioli, Walter; Corona, Piermaria; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe; Sabatti, Maurizio, et al-
2012Assessing Deadwood Using Harmonized National Forest Inventory DataRondeux, Jacques; Bertini, Roberta; Bastrup-Birk, Annemarie; Corona, Piermaria; Latte, Nicolas, et al-
2013Assessing impact of forest cover change dynamics on high nature value farmland in Mediterranean mountain landscapeCimini, Dora; Tomao, Antonio; Mattioli, Walter; Barbati, Anna; Corona, Piermaria-
2015Assessing land take by urban development and its impact on carbon storage: Findings from two case studies in ItalySallustio, Lorenzo; Quatrini, Valerio; Geneletti, Davide; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco-
20-Mar-2012Assessing livestock genetic variability by applying molecular markers: mtDNA and SNPs can help in evaluating genetic structure and breeds relationshipMariotti, MarcoValentini, Alessio
2014Assessing most relevant factors to simulate current annual increments of beech forests in ItalyChiesi, Marta; Maselli, Fabio; Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria; Lombardi, Fabio, et al-
2011Assessing the attributes of scattered trees outside the forest by a multi-phase sampling strategyBaffetta, Federica; Corona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo-
2012Assessing the biomass of shrubs typical of Mediterranean pre-forest communitiesCorona, Piermaria; Pasta, Salvatore; Giardina, Giovanni; La Mantia, Tommaso-
22-Jun-2016Assessing the value of quality attributes of italian extra-virgin olive oils: a hedonic price modelSabbatini, ValentinaCarbone, Anna
2010Assessment of forest net primary production through the elaboration of multisource ground and remote sensing dataMaselli, Fabio; Chiesi, Marta; Barbati, Anna; Corona, Piermaria-
2005Assessment of full carbon budget of Italy: the CarbIUS projectPapale, Dario; Castaldi, Simona; Ciccioli, Paolo; Corona, Piermaria; Di Tizio, Alessandra, et al-
27-Apr-2012Assessment of microbial functional and genetic diversity of forest soils in Central ItalyPignataro, ArmandoBenedetti, Anna
20-Mar-2006Assessment of population structure by single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in goat breeds.Pariset, Lorraine; Valentini, Alessio; Cappuccio, Irene-
17-Feb-2011Assessment of tarocco orange fruit firmness by standard and non-destructive testsPallottino, FedericoMoresi, Mauro; Menesatti, Paolo
29-May-2012Assessment of the allergenic potential of genetically modified wheats by comparison with their wild type genotypes and commonly grown cultivars through allergenomic and immunochemical approachesLupi, RobertaMasci, Stefania; Denery-Papini, Sandra
2007Asset price dynamics in a financial market with heterogeneous trading strategies and time delaysGarofalo, Giuseppe; Sansone, Alessandro-
22-Feb-2011Assetti istituzionali, politici e amministrativi nel mondo fenicio e punicoBondì, Sandro Filippo-
2007Association of riparian features and water chemistry with reed litter breakdown in a volcanic lake (Lake Vico, Italy)Costantini, Maria Letizia; Rossi, Loreto; Scialanca, Fabrizio; Rossi, David; Nascetti, Giuseppe, et al-
2005Association of the Black Rot Fungus Ciboria batschiana with the Chestnut Weevil Curculio propinquus in Chestnut Orchards in Central ItalyVettraino, Anna Maria; Speranza, Stefano; Paparatti, Bruno; Pucci, Claudio; Vannini, Andrea-
2010Asynchronously Replicating Eu/Heterochromatic Regions Shape Chromosome Damage.Di Tommaso, Maria Valeria; Martínez-López, Wilner; Palitti, Fabrizio-
Showing results 222 to 241 of 2885
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