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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Tutor
2006Philosophie nouvelle ou fin de la philosophie dans Le Temps retrouvéBeretta Anguissola, Alberto-
2010Phloem cytochemical modification and gene expression following the recovery of apple plants from apple proliferationMusetti, Rita; Paolacci, Anna Rita; Ciaffi, Mario; Tanzarella, Oronzo A.; Polizzotto, Rachele, et al-
2011Phoenicity, PunicitiesBondì, Sandro Filippo-
2008Phonological sketch of GizeyDe Dominicis, Amedeo-
2006Photoperiod Affects Gene Expression of Leptin and Leptin Receptors in Adipose Tissue from Lactating Dairy CowsBernabucci, Umberto; Basiricò, Loredana; Lacetera, Nicola; Morera, Patrizia; Ronchi, Bruno, et al-
2005Phylogenetic relationships among annual and perennial species of the genus Cicer as inferred from ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNAFrediani, Manuela; Caputo, Paolo-
16-May-2014Phylogeny and taxonomy of meristematic rock-inhabiting blackfungi in the Dothideomycetes based on multi-locus phylogeniesEgidi, EleonoraOnofri, Silvano; Selbmann, Laura; de Hoog, Gerrit Sybren
2007Phylogeography and historical demography of the Italian treefrog, Hyla intermedia, reveals multiple refugia, population expansions and secondary contacts within peninsular ItalyCanestrelli, Daniele; Cimmaruta, Roberta; Nascetti, Giuseppe-
12-Feb-2009Physical-Biological variability and covariability in the Algero-Provençal Basin by means of multisensor satellite and in situ dataOlita, AntonioPerilli, Angelo
13-Apr-2012Physiological and biochemical responses and feedstock composition of Tamarix spp. subjected to salt and drought stress:possibilities of biomass use for energy production in arid and degraded landsDawalibi, VictoriaValentini, Riccardo
23-Apr-2008Physiological and growth responses to cadmium exposure in hydroponic culture of Salicaceae to select clones with phytoremediation abilityFabrizio, PietriniScarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe; Massacci, Angelo
19-Mar-2010Physiological and molecular aspects of flower senescence in Lilium longiflorumBattelli, RiccardoCeccarelli, Nello; Picciarelli, Piero; Rogers, Hilary
2008Physiology and pathology of somatostatin in the mammalian retina: a current viewCervia, Davide; Casini, Giovanni; Bagnoli, Paola-
2-Feb-2011Phytobacteriological studies related to the native (Olea cuspidata Wall.) and introduced (Olea europaea L.) olive species in NepalLamichhane, Jay RamVarvaro, Leonardo
29-Mar-2012Phytoestrogens: characterization and biological effectsRicci, SilviaMerendino, Nicolò
30-Mar-2010Phytoextraction and hydrological phytocontrol in an industrial site contaminated by heavy metals and arsenicPietrosanti, LuciaScarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe; Massacci, A.
Mar-2011Phytophthora himalsilva sp. nov. an unusually phenotypically variable species from a remote forest in NepalVettraino, Anna Maria; Brasier, Clive; Brown, Anna Maria; Vannini, Andrea-
5-Nov-2008Pianificazione di strategie di controllo della zanzara Ochlerotatus caspius in Nord Italia attraverso un approccio genetico molecolarePorretta, Daniele-
7-Mar-2008Pianificazione e conservazione della biodiversità di un paesaggio costiero nell’ambito di un processo ICZM: l’avifauna come indicatore gestionale della Maremma LazialeTallone, GiulianoCimmaruta, Roberta
2011Pianificazione ecologica dei sistemi forestaliCorona, Piermaria; Barbati, Anna; Ferrari, Barbara; Portoghesi, Luigi-
Showing results 1932 to 1951 of 2862
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