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2009Combining remote sensing and ancillary data to monitor the gross productivity of water-limited forest ecosystemsMaselli, Fabio; Papale, Dario; Puletti, Nicola; Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria-
2016Discrimination of tropical forest types, dominant species, and mapping of functional guilds by hyperspectral and simulated multispectral Sentinel-2 dataVaglio Laurin, Gaia; Puletti, Nicola; Hawthorne, William; Liesenberg, Veraldo; Corona, Piermaria, et al-
2015Estimation of leaf area index in isolated trees with digital photography and its application to urban forestryChianucci, Francesco; Puletti, Nicola; Giacomello, Elena; Cutini, Andrea; Corona, Piermaria-
2014Estimation of leaf area index in understory deciduous trees using digital photographyChianucci, Francesco; Cutini, Andrea; Corona, Piermaria; Puletti, Nicola-
2009Evaluating the effects of environmental changes on the gross primary production of italian forestsMaselli, Fabio; Moriondo, Marco; Chiesi, Marta; Chirici, Gherardo; Puletti, Nicola, et al-
27-Feb-2015Integrated forest management to prevent wildfires under Mediterranean environmentsCorona, Piermaria; Ascoli, Davide; Barbati, Anna; Bovio, Giovanni; Colangelo, Giuseppe, et al-
2014Is randomized branch sampling suitable to assess wood volume of temperate broadleaved old-growth forests?Chirici, Gherardo; Puletti, Nicola; Salvati, Riccardo; Arbi, Francesco; Zolli, Catherine, et al-
May-2015Prediction of forest NPP in Italy by the combination of ground and remote sensing dataChirici, Gherardo; Chiesi, Marta; Corona, Piermaria; Puletti, Nicola; Mura, Matteo, et al-
2015Quantifying the effect of sampling plot size on the estimation of structural indicators in old-growth forest standsLombardi, Fabio; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco; Merlini, Paolo; Chirici, Gherardo, et al-
2014Sistemi forestali e sequestro del carbonio in IaliaBarbati, Anna; Ferrari, Barbara; Alivernini, Alessandro; Quatrini, Alessandro; Merlini, Paolo, et al-
2014Sistemi forestali e sequestro del carbonio in ItaliaBarbati, Anna; Ferrari, Barbara; Alivernini, Alessandro; Quatrini, Alessandro; Merlini, Paolo, et al-
2007Spazializzazione di dati climatici a livello nazionale tramite modelli regressivi localizzatiBlasi, Carlo; Chirici, Gherardo; Corona, Piermaria; Marchetti, Marco; Maselli, Fabio, et al-
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12


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