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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Tutor
2010Analysis of durum wheat germplasm adapted to different climatic conditionsMondini, Linda; Farina, Anna; Porceddu, Enrico; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto-
9-Mar-2007Assess of genetic diversity of Pistacia spp. in wild populations and field gene banks from Central and West AsiaIbrahim Basha, AmerPagnotta, Mario Augusto
6-Jul-2012Characterization and selection of globe artichoke and cardoon germplasm for biomass, food and biocompound productionCiancolini, AnnaCrinò, Paola; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto
2011Characterizing the molecular and morphophysiological diversity of Italian red cloverPagnotta, Mario Augusto; Annicchiarico, Paolo; Farina, Anna; Proietti, Sandro-
10-Feb-2011Diversity analysis in space and time of an annual selfing species (common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris) and a perennial outcrossing species (cardoon, Cynara cardunculus)Noorani, ArshiyaPagnotta, Mario Augusto; Dulloo, Ehsan
2003Ecogeography of Perennial Legume Collecting Missions in ItalyRussi, Luigi; Bennett, Sarita Jane; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Norman, Hayley; Nutt, Brad, et al-
2003Evaluation of perennial legumes collected in Italy: First year dataPagnotta, Mario Augusto; Bennett, Sarita Jane; Cocks, Philip S.; Ewing, Mike A.; Howieson, John, et al-
2007Genetic diversity of Syrian pistachio varieties evaluated by AFLP markersIbrahim Basha, Amer; Padulosi, Stefano; Chabane, Kamel; Hadj-Hassan, Adnan; Dulloo, Ehsan, et al-
2011Genetic Resources of Cynara spp. an AGR GEN RES European Project CYNARESPagnotta, Mario Augusto-
2010Genetic Resources of Cynara spp. an AGR GEN RES European Project CYNARESPagnotta, Mario Augusto-
2011HRM technology for the identification and characterization of INDEL and SNPs mutations in genes involved in drought and salt tolerance of durum wheatMondini, Linda; Nachit, Miloudi; Porceddu, Enrico; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto-
2011Intra-specific genetic structure of durum wheat based on SSR and SNP markersYousefi Javan, Iman; Mondini, Linda; Nachit, Miloudi; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto-
2001Molecular linkage map for an intraspecific recombinant inbred population of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum).Nachit, Miloudi M.; Elouafi, Ismahane; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; El Saleh, A.; Iacono, E., et al-
2005Morphological and molecular characterization of Italian emmer wheat accessionsPagnotta, Mario Augusto; Mondini, Linda; Maroun, Fandy Atallah-
2011Obtaining F1 hybrids from the genetic material of artichoke landraces of Campania, recovered and selectedRofano, Giuseppe; Trotta, Nikita; Pepe, Rosa; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Saccardo, Francesco-
20-Jun-2014Popolazioni campane di carciofo e peperone: omogeneità e stabilità morfo-geneticaRofrano, GiuseppePagnotta, Mario Augusto; Saccardo, Francesco
2010QTL analysis of durum wheat using microsatellite for genetic mapYousefi Javan, Iman; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; D'Ovidio, Renato-
2008Recovery, morphological and molecular characterization of globe artichoke ‘Romanesco’ landracesCrinò, Paola; Tavazza, Raffaela; Rey Muñoz, Néstor Alonso; Trionfetti Nisini, Paola; Saccardo, Francesco, et al-
2007Variation in forage quality and chemical composition among Italian accessions of Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) Stirt.Pecetti, Luciano; Tava, Aldo; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Russi, Luigi-
2007Volatile compunds from leaves and flowers of Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) Stirt. (Fabaceae) from Italy.Tava, Aldo; Pecetti, Luciano; Ricci, Marina; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Russi, Luigi-
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